Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My new love!!!!!

While in Scottsdale, Arizona-I fell in love, just in time for Valentine's Day!!!! I fell in love with cowgirl boots. It has taken me a while to catch on to the whole boot things. Jake has worn them forever, since he was a baby boy, but me on the other hand, have never owned a pair until Christmas, when Jake gave me a pair of Luchesse Classics. I gotta say that most of the boots that I had seen weren't really my style. The past week, I went to Scottsdale with Jake to set up a booth at the Arabian Horse Show. I had so much fun, and I found four pairs of boots that I am DYING to own. I was going to bring two of them home with me, but Jake wouldn't let me because I apparently have a popular shoe size (and the customer always comes first), so I had to leave my love's behind. I could only find the pictures of two of them, but believe me, I am still looking for the other two. Two of them are Stetson brand and the other two are Charlie One Horse, by Luchesse.