Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tai's soccer game

After she got kicked in the head:Daddy/Coach Quarnberg consoling her:

Tai's number 1 fan- Grandma Paula:

Daddy & Tai- What a great team!

Seriously Unattended:

So here is what went down! Jake stayed home from church to put Teya to bed, she was having one of those tired days. So they both got to have a nap. After lunch I decided to lay down on my bed and the girls were in there with me, or so I thought. I also thought that Jake was watching them-boy was I wrong. I didn't really get to sleep, but my eyes were closed and all the sudden I hear Teya by me and I wake up to this (this close to my face). She had gotten into my scrapbook equipment and scrapped her face! I started laughing so hard, so I bring her out to Jake who is laying on the couch. He started laughing even harder than I was. What am I going to do with this girl? Never a dull moment! Don't let these eyes fool you- she is a mischief maker on all accounts!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tai's first Soccer game

Tai is number 9! She got so tired running around, but she did so good!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

For Angie and Hadley

This post is dedicated to my friends Angie and Hadley who loaned me some Scentsy samples to smell to figure out what ones I wanted to purchase. My girls always play with them when they go over to their house, but I wanted to show the random places that I found these samples and what they were being used for (in addition to smelling good):

They are great for Princecesses to be put on:

They are great building blocks to stack up as high as you can reach:

They are great additions to your food storage and pantry:

And apparently they are great tasting, which would explain why Teya put them in the pantry:

(Sorry Ang, I didn't know Teya could open them by herself until it was to late, hopefully this is the only one)

3rd and 6th at Nationals

Our whole goal in going to California was to Compete at Nationals. Our girls did so good! Our Level 1 squad took 3rd and level 2 took 6th. I am so proud of all these girls, they worked so hard all year long! Thanks for a DYNAMITE year!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We watched the fantasia show at night, it was really long after you had been walking around all day, but leave it to Tai to still have energy to "CHEESE" I got SO SO sick on California Screamin. It was the first ride of the day and it should have never happened! I knew I got sick on some rides, but I thought I would be ok on this, but boy was I wrong. I was fighting it back about halfway through the ride, and I just about let loose when I got off. But thanks to Ang and Hadley, they helped me off since I had shaky knees and hands and led me somewhere to sit down! I am so LAME!!!!


Two of the days in California, we all got to go to Disneyland, you know, the "happiest place on earth"! it truly is, you just walk up the path and get a HUGE smile on your face! And yes, that is Tai on the bottom left, she can't be left out of anything cheerleading!Tai and Brecklynn just before the Bug Life show! This is one of Tai and I's favorite California Adventure attractions! The Bugs Life Show is so cute and fun!

Tai was pretty disappointed when she wasn't tall enough for the Indiana Jones ride! I was to, I really wanted to ride it!

Luckily we hung out with the Kellie and her family, I really can't ride the teacups and Tai wanted to so bad, so thanks guys!

Tai didn't want to ride the "it's a small world" ride, but i made her, and she loved it! They have recently redone it and wholy moly, it is so cute!

The storybook land ride is seriously so lame, it is very misleading because going into the whale's mouth looks like it is going to be good, and it isn't! Mini replicas of stuff with no characters!

Another of our favorite rides is Finding nemo-the girls were all good standing in line!

First stop: Huntington Beach

On our trip to California with the Dynamite Cheerleaders, we stopped at Huntington Beach. Some of the girls had never been to a beach, so we stopped. They had a lot of fun swimming and getting sand everywhere. it was cold and windy, but still a good time.

Tai loves Sherece, and she is good to play with Tai: The Dynamite coaches: Mindy, Tiffany and Kellie!
Tai wanted so bad to get into the water, but it was freezing!

Me and my girl on the beach:

Teya's Second Birthday

We finally got it done! Only a month late, but hey, we celebrated Teya turning 2: I scored big with the elephant cake that turned out so flippin' cute! Teya just sat and looked at it and said, "MUMO" Blowing out her 2 candles:

Tai helping her sister:

Here is what she got for her birthday, minus the clothes (in the wash) and the money that she got.

She got super cute clothes!

She had so much fun with her cousins opening presents:

She kept saying "Open-it"

The girls were so excited, they both got an umbrella from Grandpa Kendall & Grandma Paula:

The "MUMO" cake! I must say, I did pretty darn good! Go me!

Tai's recital

This year we got to count the "dress rehersal" as our dance recital because Tai and I were gone to California when the real thing went down. It was actually kind of nice, we got to watch our child and go home. She did such a good job, and is getting to be such a great dancer. Thanks Miss Ginger!
All the girls got to choose their color of costume, of course Tai chose pink: tai's left aerobesque:

Look at that form, about to do a plea'

They did their ballet routine to "when you wish upon a star" and they used their star wands.

practicing their finalle with the older girls. Thanks Hadley for helping:

This is how Teya acted the whole time Tai was dancing. She wanted up on the stage to so bad: Jake looked so thrilled to be there. I told him get used to having daughters:

Me and my little dancer:

After the girls were done, Teya, Tai & cousin Maili danced on stage together. It was so cute:

Tai had the cutest dance to "shoe fly don't bother me" and they used fly swatters. Here is her shuffle: