Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seriously Unattended:

So here is what went down! Jake stayed home from church to put Teya to bed, she was having one of those tired days. So they both got to have a nap. After lunch I decided to lay down on my bed and the girls were in there with me, or so I thought. I also thought that Jake was watching them-boy was I wrong. I didn't really get to sleep, but my eyes were closed and all the sudden I hear Teya by me and I wake up to this (this close to my face). She had gotten into my scrapbook equipment and scrapped her face! I started laughing so hard, so I bring her out to Jake who is laying on the couch. He started laughing even harder than I was. What am I going to do with this girl? Never a dull moment! Don't let these eyes fool you- she is a mischief maker on all accounts!

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