Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great New Cooking Blog

As many of you NOW know, I am not a really great cook. I try hard, but I just can't get the bug for gourmet cooking. I really want to be one of those people that LOVE to cook and have dinner made at 6:00 every evening with three courses and dessert and actually like doing it! Because I really do enjoy making something and having people be like "WOW-who made this?" Instead of "Please don't make that again." Ha, Ha!! Anyway, I checked on Jake's cousin Nate and his wife Kerianne's blog today and saw she started a cooking blog with new recipies. So I thought I would pass on the site so that everyone can enjoy!!! And maybe, just maybe, I can turn into a half decent cook! Check it out and pass it along!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Digging for Dinosaur bones

For Christmas, Uncle Dustin & Grandma Snell gave Tai some dinosaur bones that have to be dug out of the dirt. She was so excited to do her dinosaur dig. She had to wear goggles to keep the dirt from flying into her eyes (it flew everywhere, all over the room), got her "Shizzle", aka chizzle, and her brush and away her and daddy went. It took them about 3 hours to get the dinosaur out of the dirt, but she loved ever minute of it!!!! Finally finding some bones:Tai was so cute, she just kept saying, "Come on guys, lets find those bones." Teya was hillarious. She wanted to help, so I got out the other set of digging tools out of another box, and found some swim goggles (the second set didn't come with them) and she was ready to help too. She just liked to use the brush and brush away the pebbles.

Daddy was such a good "Assistant to the Paleontologist" or "Assistant Paleontologist" however you want to look at it! :)
The first bone dug out of the dirt: A Tail

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trying to poison my family?

Since Jake and I have been married, I have asked him to tell me if he doesn't like something that I make for dinner. I would hate to slave over something (because I have) that I think he likes and have him not really like it. There have been a couple things over the years that he has really hated, and he has nicely asked me not to make EVER again! My personality is totally not offended by that, we have got more laughs out of it than anything! Well, this week I went above and beyond!!! I haven't been so good at getting dinner done, and at the last minute, I will throw something together. But on Tuesday, I was being good and got dinner made and cooked before I had to be to cheer. At lunch, I told Jake that dinner was cooked and in the fridge, all he had to do was warm it up. He ended up coming to get the girls from cheer for me, so that meant he was on daddy duty to get them fed. About an hour after he got home, he called me at cheer and our conversation went something like this:

J: What is that you made for dinner?
T: it is cream of chicken enchilada's, why?
J:Tiff, you should have seen your little two year old, she started to dry heave.
t:Why, what is wrong with it?
J: I am not trying to be rude or anything, but it sucks, where did you get the recipie?
T: We used to make them at college all the time. What is wrong with them?
J: Tiff, they are not good. All of us are sick, and couldn't get them down.
t: (ha ha ha) I am sorry, we used to make them all the time, I wonder why they taste so bad.
j: I wish I could have got it on video to see Teya trying so hard to gag it down so that she could have icecream after dinner, and then Tai got grossed out too!
t: (still giggling) Well sorry, I will see what they taste like when I get home.
j: please don't ever make those again!!!!

Well, when I got home, THEY WERE NOT GOOD!!! I even started to gag on them. I am not sure where I went wrong, but wow!!! Jake and I laughed about it all night. Right before we went to bed he said, "I have had some pretty disgusting things in my life, but that ranks in the top two, were you trying to poison us?!?" I started laughing so hard.

So I want to hear it, any story of yours, so I don't feel like the only bad cook around here!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Haunted House Fundraiser

For a fundraiser for the Dynamite Cheerleaders, they did a Haunted House. All the girls got involved and were in charge of a room in the house. We had it up to the Blackhawk Arena, it was cold, it was dark, and it was fun. My girls wanted to go through it, so the night before I got dressed up, Kellie and I took our girls through and told all the cheerleaders to not be scarry! My girls liked it pretty good, they just kept wondering what they were doing looking like that. Coach Tiffany & Coach Mindy:

Grandma Snell's

Everytime we go to my parent's house, my mom always has something fun planned for the girls to do. Over the holiday's they make mummy cookies out of gingerbread men, and she also dipped strawberries in chocholate. YUMMY!!! The kids always make a mess and she never cares, Thanks mom for being so fun and patient with the 4 girls!!!! My mom's work sent the strawberries home with her, so they were freshly picked from Cook's Farm and Greenhouse, and they were oh so good!!!!
Grandma gave each of the girls their own plate with chocholate on it and a couple strawberries to dip in it. Of course Teya's picture says it all:

Tai took special care to get hers done before tasting:

My parents are so good to us!!! Thank you for all you guys do for our family! And for all the fun times we have had over the last couple months while we have been down about Jake being out of town!!! You guys are always there with open arms!!!

Twlight girls

A group of us girls got together to go see the Second Twilight movie. We had so much fun. The crowd was into it and it was a killer movie!!!Thanks girls for a fun night out!!! And Thank you Edward & Jacob!!!

Just for laughs:

One day when Mal was up, we came across our boys' letterman jackets from high school, so what did we do, we modeled them!!!! We hired the best photographer we could find (AKA Tanner) and got to work! We were laughing so hard!!!

And I can't believe that I have been in the Quarnberg family for 9 years and never thought to take a picture like this behind the festive yule log!!! We laughed pretty hard about this one too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday gift

Tai has been wanting her ears pierced ever since last winter when she went to work with daddy and he was ear tagging some calves and he told Tai that he was piercing their ears. From then on, she has wanted to get hers done. So for her 5th birthday, Jake and I decided that she could get them done. He just happened to be out of town (lucky dog) for the event. But my mom filled in as my support. Anyone who knows me, knows how well I love shots or needles. So I needed someone to help me through this. (How funny that Tai was just calm as could be, I was the one that was a mess). Here she is getting ready. She got to pick what earing she wanted and she picked the cutest one in my opinion. Here the lady was talking to us, I love how I am not really focused, but Tai is all ears!!! (no pun intended, ha ha) Ok, this is where things got bad, Like seriously, look at my face, I saw the needles coming and freaked!!! But once again, Tai was cool, calm, and collected!

It all went well for Tai!! She only jumped a little bit, didn't cry or anything, just was like, "what just happened!!!!" Me on the otherhand, had to sit there on the chair and put my head down, I was starting to hyperventilate, and my world was getting dizzy. The lady that helped us and all the spectators (there was like 4 or 5) were laughing at me, including my mom!!!!! The worst thing was, this didn't even happen to me, Tai was fine and I was the one about to pass out!!!

Good job Tai, for being so brave!!!!
And thanks mom for being there to help me through this rough time. :)

Another one of our gifts to Tai for her birthday was to go riding with daddy! Tai has always loved doing this and they just happened to need to move cattle around the time of her big day:

My little Cowgirl!!!

Tai's 5th Birthday

I just can't believe that my baby girl turned 5! We decided to go bowling for her celebration. We invited the Shaw's to go with us since our kids love eachother (most of the time) and are such good friends. She also said that she wanted to see the Manti Temple, se we took her to see it. Tai got a lot of calls from family and friends wishing her happy birthday. This phone call happened to be from my mom, but Tai was so into bowling that she couldn't focus to talk to grandma to good.
Happy Birthday-you got to be "thumb up" this year!!! Ha ha ha (Last year when she turned 4 she kept saying that she wanted to be "thumb up" for her birthday, because you know when you hold up 4 fingers, your thumb is down, so she kept saying that she wanted to be thumb up.)
All the kids had so much fun. Teya didn't really care about bowling, she was just infactuated with the ball return machine (whatever that is called). But all the other girls had fun taking turns rolling the ball down the alley. Several occasions, we were wondering if the ball was EVER going to reach the pins, and a couple times, we had to walk down the isle and get the ball because it stopped. Fun was had by all!
Watch out Bowling Leagues!!! These girls are on the rise!
After bowling, we took the girls for a ride around the temple. Both of them kept wanting to get out and go in the temple. In fact, when we were driving away, Teya kept crying for about 10-15 minutes, saying that she wanted to go in the temple, please mommy!!!! It was cute, I turned to her and said, "honey, I hope you still feel that way in about 20 years!"

I might be a little partial, but the Manti Temple is one the coolest looking temples EVER!!!!

My gorgeous family: Can't get enough of them!!!!

New Snell Family Pictures

This holiday season, all my siblings were in town for Christmas. So we seized the opportunity to have family pictures, it has been about 4 years since we last had any and you know, when you start having kids, they are never updated and current. My cousin Heather and her husband Scott were the fabulous team to get these all put together for us!!! Thanks guys, they turned out great! It got so cold outside, that we ended up going to my parents house for some indoor shots!
This is totally us, this is one of my very fav's. We were all laughing and goofing with Lacey that she was so short compared to the rest of us, so this is what happened: I love it!!!!!

On facebook, I had a cousin comment that we look like we are a band, and that she couldn't wait to hear the cd! I had to laugh, we sort of look like that. But just love these:

(L to R) Dustin, Tiffany, Lacey, and Shad

Monday, January 4, 2010

So cute

On the way down to Karter's Birthday party, Teya wanted to hold my hand, but this is how it had to be done! What a sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Karter

The girls and I rode down to Hurricane to celebrate karter's 2nd Birthday. I was in the mode to take goofy pictures of us all, so here are some of my fav's.
Tanner and I: He is Westside Lost Creek, I am Eastside Lost Creek. Kipp, Mal, Me, and Tanner: Two people missed the memo to be hard core: :)

Mal, Paula, and I- the Quarnberg girls: Stylin' hats, we know!!!

My girls loved playing with all of Karter's toys. Even when he was opening up his presents, my girls were right in the way!

Happy Birthday Karter- we Love you so much and are so glad that you are doing so good!