Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cute swimming video

My little fishies!

Tai has always been fearless in the water, I never expected Teya to be the same way! It is really kind of hard to take them to the pool because they both want to be in different places. Tai will wear her lifejacket so good, but that means she goes all over. She jumps off the diving board by herself, dives off the side of the pool, and swims everywhere. Little Miss Teya now thinks that I don't need to be holding her in the water, she is constantly trying to get out of my hands. In the baby pool she doesn't want to stand up and walk in the water anymore, she wants to be down in it with her face in barely being able to breathe. It scares me to death and I have to watch so close because I can't tell if she is sucking in water or just getting excited. They love it so much, how can we stay away? here is Tai jumping off the diving board- she thinks that she is so big!
Teya taking a break from scaring me to watch Tai jump off the diving board.
Grandma Paula gave Tai a pair of goggles to borrow. Now everytime we go she has to have them on. She looks so cute and silly all at the same time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Softball night

Here are the kids that were there last night (minus Teya- I finally strapped her in her car seat to watch a movie- Yes the windows were down and I kept checking on her). Me and one of my favorite girls!
You like the knee brace? That right there is how we got the knee brace! Batting!!!! Jake did really good last night. He sure can hit the ball!
Jake used to play outfield, but after his knee injuy last year, they stuck him at first base! He said it is so much easier. He doesn't have to run around as much, and he can still ROCK the softball field! He has loved to play baseball/softball forever! One of the best parts is that he gets to play with lots of his friends. It doesn't work out to bad for us girls either-we get to visit and let the kids play!

My little monkey

Some of Teya's favorite toys- a horse & a cow! She was definitely born into the right family!
On any given moment when we are in the house- Teya is usually found with something in her mouth and/or climbing on something. She is such a little monkey- my sister Lacey calls her the "Albino Monkey". If the name fits.....

Tai's first Grounding

Here is my little Tai on the day of her first grounding! Look close and you can see the handprints all over the side of the truck. Yeah! She was playing with the neighbor girls and they spilled some punch. I was inside trying to put away groceries and the next thing I know this happened. There were only two involved, but Tai had to come inside and is grounded from playing with her friends for a week. She also had to sit on her bed for a while and also help wash the truck! Life is rough for a little 3 1/2 year old! But look how cute the little stinker is!

My view of the outside world

This is looking out from my back porch and to the right side of my house. This is looking straight back.
This is my house from the road.

This is what I see when I sit on my front porch. And this one is for Lacey, so she can see my progress in the yard-not much but it is a start. Jake brought in a ton of dirt the last time we lived here and made these great mounds with awesome rocks. But the problem was you could never see the rocks, it was constantly covered with weeds. My first excuse of the summer was that i just couldn't keep up with it (which is partly true), then it was I didn't have the time because of chasing the girls around outside, but let's not kid ourselves- I HATE TO WEED! There I said it! No more lame excuses. So my mom and dad came down and helped me (i will forever be in their debt) cover up the mounds with black tarp and plant some cool perenials. I still have a lot of work to do-but it is coming and hey-I don't have to weed.
This post is for all my friends and family that have never seen where I live. These are the beautiful views I get to see everyday! I know pictures are lame when someone isn't in them, but I just thought some of you might like to see where I live. I do have one neighbor on the other side of my house. They have two little girls that Tai and Teya play with alot.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grass Valley Girls

One of the girls' favorite thing to do is help their daddy change water up to Grass Valley. They each have their own shovel and once the water is flowing, the fun is on! Tai loves to dig into the water and get the mud, just like daddy has showed her, and you guessed it- Teya LOVES to eat it. Mud, water, dirt, rocks, you name it, it is is her mouth!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lizzie's Boo-Boo

For anyone who knows Tai, she loves her "lead dog" Lizzie that she got at the Build-a-Bear Store (polar bear store as Tai calls it) at Disney Land. Yesterday Tai was blow drying Lizzie's hair and I had told her not to turn it up to the high setting, but she did anyway. Next I know, Tai is crying and said that she hurt Lizzie. I came to investigate, and sure enough, Tai had melted the hair on Lizzie's back. She cried a lot and wanted me to call the "polar bear store" and tell the ladies about it. But we wrapped Lizzie's boo boo up instead. Jake and I talked to Tai about how just because we have a boo boo doesn't mean that we need a new Lizzie-like when she gets a boo boo, we just try to fix it and help it get better instead of getting a new Tai! We gave Lizzie some Tylenol and told Tai that Lizzie was going to need some special love and attention the next couple days! Funny huh?

First swim day of the summer

It took Teya a couple minutes to get used to the swim pool, but once she got in, she loved it. She kept taking the other kids' toys then tried to get them to come play with her! i definitely have two fishes for daughters! Tai picked up where she left off last year! She loves to go under water and try to swim. She still isn't old enough to take swim lessons, you have to be 4, but Grandma Paula said she might know where she could get some private lessons!!!! (ha,ha)
My two fishies!!!!!

Tai's first bike ride

Here is Tai riding her bike by herself for the first time. She keeps asking jake and I if we are so proud of her! She is so funny. Everyday she keeps getting better and better. And YES, we are so proud of her! Now we ride up the lane at least twice a day. It's good exercise for me to walk beside her.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kipp & Mal Quarnberg- June 7, 2008

Congratulations to Kipp and Mal-they got married this past weekend. Tai got to be one of the flower girls and Teya walked around getting into everything, imagine that. The reception was so pretty and the colors and flowers were gorgeous. Mal did a great job picking everything out. We love them so much and wish them the best in the many years to come.