Friday, June 13, 2008

Lizzie's Boo-Boo

For anyone who knows Tai, she loves her "lead dog" Lizzie that she got at the Build-a-Bear Store (polar bear store as Tai calls it) at Disney Land. Yesterday Tai was blow drying Lizzie's hair and I had told her not to turn it up to the high setting, but she did anyway. Next I know, Tai is crying and said that she hurt Lizzie. I came to investigate, and sure enough, Tai had melted the hair on Lizzie's back. She cried a lot and wanted me to call the "polar bear store" and tell the ladies about it. But we wrapped Lizzie's boo boo up instead. Jake and I talked to Tai about how just because we have a boo boo doesn't mean that we need a new Lizzie-like when she gets a boo boo, we just try to fix it and help it get better instead of getting a new Tai! We gave Lizzie some Tylenol and told Tai that Lizzie was going to need some special love and attention the next couple days! Funny huh?

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The Bacik's said...

I hope Lizzie is feeling better. Maybe she can come for a visit when you come up. But that is really funny.