Friday, March 26, 2010

New Calling

Do you ever feel like just when you get settled and feel like you have control of your life and you can breathe for a minute, things get shook up again? Well I got a new calling last night from the stake. I am going to be one of the assistant stake camp directors or assistant to the stake camp director (for those office fans out there). And I couldn't be more excited about it!!! It has been quite a few years since I have been to girls camp and I have missed it every summer. I have no idea where we are going, what the theme is, or who I am going to find to watch my girls (Jake will be out of town for work, and two weeks later we go to Hawaii), but I am so excited!!! I found out some of the other leaders and we are going to have GOOD TIMES!!!!! So all you young women out there in the Salina Stake, hold on tight, it is going to be a wild ride!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Rocking my new look"

The girls wanted to do my makeup one day, so after church I didn't have anywhere to be, and they gave me a new look. This is all out of Tai's makeup kit:

They enjoyed DIGGING their make up tools into the makeup, it gave for added color.

If it looks like my eyes are watering, it is because they are! They had that orange so caked on there that it started to irritate my eyes.
My new look: Orange on the eyes and sparkle clumps on the cheeks! Watch for it this spring season on all top models.

Our Plea for a Sandbox

This is what we see everyday- sometimes more or less water, but you get the idea. So this is my plea-my friend Katie knows there is a rich stranger out there that looks at her blog from time to time, so why can't I have a rich stranger for a blog stalker too? "So, to my strange blog stalker who is rich beyond measure, I need a sandbox for my kids to play in that is NOT close to the road. I have an idea where I would like it and also how big, leave me a comment and I will give you the details and where you can send the cash!!!- Thanks your strange blog friend, Tiffany P.S. You can come and play in it to, Jake (my husband) has really cool Tonka Toys that he got for his birthday a couple years back, you might think we are kind of fun to hang out with!"

The Damage has been done and we BOUGHT OUR TICKETS TO PARADISE!!! At this point, I could care less how much the airline stuck it to us (ok, I do care, but for acting tough sake), I can't wait for July to come!!!! All I know is I want to be sitting on a beach similar to this one, getting the tan of a lifetime, sipping something good, and enjoying our time in paradise!!!

Of all things

Of all the things that I SHOULD be doing today, I am looking around on the internet. I was on my favorite site trying to find a fully customized FREE printable calendar to make for my partner primary teacher and our activity day girls, when I came across this site

I must say that life often takes over and I feel like Jake is the last one to get a piece of my time. Which I know he is a big boy and can handle it, but it is nice to have your spouses undivided attention even if it is only for a minute. But this site is super cute and has lots of good ideas. So come on women, buck up and give your spouse some time!!!!!

p.s. i am having a hard time finding a site to design my own CUTE calendar, any ideas?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Most upsetting

We are getting our trip planned for Hawaii in july--Wait back up the train, let me tell you why we HAVE to go to Hawaii. Tanner, Jake's brother is graduating from high school this year and after the traditional church history trip, some of his buddies wanted to go on a Hawaii trip. Well, they are not old enough to go by themselves, get a rental car, check into the time share, ect... so Tanner asked Jake and I if we wanted to "Chaperone" their trip. Of course we were like "HECK YES!!!" (Thank you Napoleon Dynamite for that quote). This has been in the making for quite a while and I have been checking airfare for a couple months and nothing less than about $750 has come about. Well yesterday Suz had found airfare for $477. WHAT???!!!???!!!! But by the time I had gathered all info needed to book our tickets, fares had gone back up into the 700's!!! What the **^>??#)<<%%+_<%! That SUCKS!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Dad Rocks!!!

I have always been very appreciative of my dad's skills!!! But this last time my parents came down he just moved up a couple pedestals. This home we have doesn't have a whole lot of room for storage, so he came down to help us out with his amazing shelf building skills!!! We had a room in the basement that was an old coal storage room with nothing in it but insulation on the walls. So my dad transformed it into three walls full of shelves. And now it went from this:
To this: I can't believe how much I missed having somewhere to store food, and that you can actually see what you have. I know, I know, my shelves are a little bare still, but hopefully in the next couple months we can build up some storage.

As you can see, the much needed necessity of mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and soda pop!
Jake had an idea for dad to build some shelves above the stairs for his boots. At first I was like, "Whatev," but as you can see, YAHOO FOR KIM!!! They are perfect. Now his boots are off the floor and off the stairs. And "how do you reach?" you might ask, well, we are both tall. And the non working fire alarm works great for a hat hanger!!! Ha, Ha, ha!

Thanks again dad for helping us!!!! We love you!!!

Our first ever family snowman

On Teya's birthday, we woke up to snow. How bad of a mother am I? I have never made a snowman with my kids. I gotta tell you, it was kind of fun. Other than we weren't really prepared for sticking our hands in the snow (no gloves, the kids coats not zipped up) So after the first circle (or whatever you snowman makers call the bottom of the snowman), I ran inside to get something on my hands and we were off making our first snowman. The girls loved picking out rocks with the help of grandma, for the eyes and mouth.

We even have a dead branch in our back yard which made for easy arms! A little to long for his body, but hey, he'll grow into them right?

Here he is. A BYU beanie and all! Gotta show some love!

Here they are:

Here are some pictures of the other two boots that I am dying to have. I have tried them all on again, and the winner is... all of them. I still can't decide! They all ROCK!!!! So what is a girl to do? On one hand I should just have them all, Jake's one pair of boots costs as much as all 4 of these together, but on the other hand, where would I put them all? So I am looking for input from all my peeps out there- WHICH ONES ARE THE MOST AWESOME????