Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In the distance you can see the sledding hill-right in the middle of the picture- the line that runs horizontal is the place they hit all the stickers! Look at that tear!

See all the red bumbs?

Sledding with a cowboy

I will post a picture of the damage later when it is off my camera but I wanted to blog about this while i am still sort of laughing. Jake took Tai sledding down the sledding hill by my house while I stayed back to keep Teya asleep and get presents wrapped. I could see them out the front window and i wanted to see how much fun they were having. They climbed to the very top and walked around a while and then got set to go down the hill. I stopped my present wrapping to take it all in and see them go down for the first (and last) time. At first I couldn't believe how fast they were going and then Jake's hat flew off and then it all came crashing down. Halfway down the hill, they hit a weed patch and flipped over and rolled. I couldn't tell if Tai was bawling or not from where I was but I sort of figured that she was, especially when i didn't see them go back up the hill for run #2. Next I know Jake comes carrying Tai into the house with her crying red blotchy face (those who know Tai, know what I am talking about) mixed with little red bumps on her cheeks. Jake said that the weed patch they hit was full of stickers and Tai's face got the brunt of it. I felt so bad, but I laughed undercover while I was picking a sticker out of my baby's face. She cried for a while and I snapped a couple shots of her cheeks for memory's sake-then she wanted to get in the bathtub. The funniest thing though was Teya woke up and of course wanted to get in the tub to, and as soon as she got in with Tai- Tai said to Teya, "Do you want to go sledding and get stickers in your face?"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tai's christmas recital

Christmas Dance Recital

Miss Ginger lets all the parents and whoever wants to come watch the girls do their dances. Tai did such a good job this year. She is really learning dance moves and remembering her dances.

Here they are doing their bubble:

Miss Ginger helping Tai do her aerobesque:


Ward Christmas party

This year Tai was old enough to be in the Program at the Christmas party- so we got to watch her on stage-and we were not let down. She was so funny to watch. Tai and her friend Rilee just did their own thing. Teya on the other hand was not fun to watch, unless you like watching melt downs. She was so ready to go home and get out of there that she was out of control. Notice that no one else is holding up their stars- Jake told me that I was encouraging her, but I had to get a picture, Tai and Rilee kept holding them up as high as they could.

One picture where it looks like she was paying attention and doing what she was supposed to.

Tai has been waiting to ask Santa for some Polly Pockets & a Polly Pocket Car! She is so cute, and no-she is hardly ever shy!

Teya freaked- FREAKED as soon as Jake set her on Santa's lap, that happened so quick that I couldn't even get a decent picture because I wasn't even ready. I had to sit Tai down on his lap at the same time and I wasn't in picture position- so it came out blurry, but you at least get the idea! Don't you just love those shots where the kids are having a come apart? So needless to say, Teya hasn't asked Santa for anything!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am stealing this picture from my sister's blog- This is such a rare picture that I had to post it on my blog as well. This is my family: Mom, sister Lacey, (bottom) brother Shad, (top) brother Dustin, me, and my dad! I love my family so much-we are all a little wild and crazy, a little alike, but yet alot different! XOXOXOX Snell Family

Merry Christmas you little stinker!

Today I thought that I would be fun and I bought an $11.00 prelit 3 foot tree for my girls to decorate and put in their room. I also bought little decorations for them to hang on there themselves. Tai and I could not get it decorated fast enough to keep up with how fast Teya was ripping off the bulbs. She would look at me and then swat them or just plain rip it off. Sometimes she would come and give me a love and then go right back to undecorating the tree.

After I decorated the tree 2 1/2 times, I finally decided that I wasn't going to do this three times a day, so I stripped my mantle of the poinsettas and redecorated it with my new tree. Not to bad!

Hair trimming

My little sister introduced me to a place called "Cookie Cutters". A hair cut place for little kids. I have been meaning to get Tai's hair cut-she cries and carries on just about every time I brush her hair, so I knew it was time for a cut. I was super worried because I love her natural curls and I didn't want to cut them off, so we just trimmed about 1 1/2 inches off. Tai hardley even moved an inch-they let you choose what car you want to sit in and also let you pick a movie to watch-she chose Barbie's Island princess, and the pink car (of course).

She was definitely a "new woman" with her hair cut and styled. The girl roll brushed it straight, which i never do cause it takes so long, but she looked so, so cute!

Make me smile

The other night when I was cleaning up after the girls had gone to bed, I found this sitting behind the TV. I knew Tai had been playing right there, but I wasn't really paying attention to what she was playing with. So when I found this, it just made me smile. My girls have loved the Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Scene, anyone who doesn't have it, get it, they love it so much. I have been so paranoid that one of the people will get lost, but this year I finally decided that I would let them play with it and see what happens- this just goes to show me that my kids are sort of listening.

St. George Temple

Before we headed back home I wanted to take the girls to see the lights at the temple. It was fun that they also had a huge naivity scene. Grandma Great with Tai:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Trip to St. George

Jake dropped us off at my Grandma Snell's house on his was to Las Vegas to help at one of the Burn's Saddlery booths.

We did something fun every day while we were there. On Thurday we took Tai and Teya to the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. It was just a lot of dinosaur tracks that were found at the location of the museum. It was pretty cool- looking at some of the tracks they have found, you would never guess that it was a dinosaur, dragonfly, or beetle. But Tai loved it-anyone who knows my little paleontologist, knows that she loves anything dinosaurs. Here is a T-Rex footprint:

Day two

Brock, Lacey, Maili, and Alexa made the trip to St. George too. So we got together and went to the wild animal museum. The girls didn't really appreciate all the animals and what was going on, they just wanted to run up and down the path and look through their binoculars.
Grandma Great with the girls:Teya and the aligator:

Tai scoping me out:

Me and my two cute girls: do you think either of them look like me?

The girls with some of the animals:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some days are just like that!

We had kind of an interesting day to start off our December! First thing, baby Karter was put into ICU. He woke up and was unresponsive and not breathing well. He has come down with the croup. So they took him there to get him back on the right track. I waited for Jake to get home and we decided that we better drive up there to see Karter, Kipp & Mal. So we leave after it was dark (which we hardly ever drive long distances at night), but along our way, we met a buck in the road. After a nice man from Richfield stopped to see if we were ok (and by they way, THANKS to all those others that just drove past!!!!!) let us borrow his flashlight, and some electrical tape to hold our headlight in place-Our beloved Titan, got a little crunched. We finished our drive, not knowing if we were going to make it or not, but we did. We continued on our way to Primary Childrens Medical Center to see our poor little nephew. He was having a really hard time. He just didn't know what he wanted, up, down, hold me, lay me down, this way, no this way- just like a normal sick kid, only times by about 10! Bless Kipp & Mal for all they have gone through! Good news, his count went up to 100!!! Bad news- the Titan has to be repaired and we have to pay for our own rental car! WELCOME DECEMBER!!!!

On a brighter note- Tai could not have been cuter through our whole "DEER" ordeal! These are just a couple of the cutest things she was saying to Jake:
**"Daddy, this is my first time hitting a deer"
**"Last year on our way to Nationals when I was riding in the van with the cheer girls, we almost hit a deer, mom remember that?" (I don't)
**"Daddy, you are going to have to pay $26.00 dollars to get our truck fixed."
**"Daddy, you need to drive more careful driving so we don't hit any deer"
**Tai: "what kind of a deer was it?" me: "it was a boy deer honey" Tai: "so it didn't have any eyelashes?"

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Time

We went to Lehi for Thanksgiving this year. Shad was in town from California-so all my family was together. This is the year of the Pulham side to eat together. It is kind of big, we all meet at the church and eat a Chuck-O-Rama style buffett-but it was really good to see my aunts, uncles,cousins and their kids.

On Friday-all the guys went to Salt Lake to eat sushi at a really nice resturant and then went to a couple of stores. All the girls stayed back at the house and napped then I took pictures of baby Alexa. When Jake got back, we took the girls out shopping to get them out of the house and out of my mom's hair (she wasn't feeling very good). While we were shopping, we came across Jake's dream- A Playmobile Pirate Ship!!! no-no-no- "it's Tai's"- we all know the real story!! It took us about 2 1/2 hours to put the thing together it is FLIPPIN' HUGE! It is funny to see Jake so excited about this- and the girls really LOVE it! This is their daddy & girls toy-that they get to play with him!!!! Tai had so much patience while we were putting it together. We promised her she could get in the bath and play with it when it was done. She was a good helper- I can't say so much for her sister!

I have never helped put anything together that had so many parts- about half of them were the size of your fingernail. It wasn't hard though-i give playmobile props for such great instructions.

Almost done!

It really floats and has working cannons and everything!

Jake-so happy about his oh, I mean Tai's new toy!

On Saturday- Jake and I drove back to Lost Creek- I took a large group of family pictures for some people in our ward. While we were gone my mom and dad watched our girls! I will never be able to thank my parents for all the times that they watch our girls so that we can do things. They had the girls outside and one of their neighbors had this fun little train that he was giving kids a ride in:

Of course my girls loved it and grandma said they didn't want to get out!