Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some days are just like that!

We had kind of an interesting day to start off our December! First thing, baby Karter was put into ICU. He woke up and was unresponsive and not breathing well. He has come down with the croup. So they took him there to get him back on the right track. I waited for Jake to get home and we decided that we better drive up there to see Karter, Kipp & Mal. So we leave after it was dark (which we hardly ever drive long distances at night), but along our way, we met a buck in the road. After a nice man from Richfield stopped to see if we were ok (and by they way, THANKS to all those others that just drove past!!!!!) let us borrow his flashlight, and some electrical tape to hold our headlight in place-Our beloved Titan, got a little crunched. We finished our drive, not knowing if we were going to make it or not, but we did. We continued on our way to Primary Childrens Medical Center to see our poor little nephew. He was having a really hard time. He just didn't know what he wanted, up, down, hold me, lay me down, this way, no this way- just like a normal sick kid, only times by about 10! Bless Kipp & Mal for all they have gone through! Good news, his count went up to 100!!! Bad news- the Titan has to be repaired and we have to pay for our own rental car! WELCOME DECEMBER!!!!

On a brighter note- Tai could not have been cuter through our whole "DEER" ordeal! These are just a couple of the cutest things she was saying to Jake:
**"Daddy, this is my first time hitting a deer"
**"Last year on our way to Nationals when I was riding in the van with the cheer girls, we almost hit a deer, mom remember that?" (I don't)
**"Daddy, you are going to have to pay $26.00 dollars to get our truck fixed."
**"Daddy, you need to drive more careful driving so we don't hit any deer"
**Tai: "what kind of a deer was it?" me: "it was a boy deer honey" Tai: "so it didn't have any eyelashes?"


Marie Bindrup said...

One of the reasons I love Vegas.... NO DEER to hit while driving, only stupid tourists who jaywalk.

Anyways, Tai is so funny! Don't you just love 4 year old reasoning and vocabulary!

PS. MY blog is going privat, so shoot me over your email so I can add you. My email is mariebindrup@gmail.com

Misty said...

Don't you just love the unexpected twists & turns life deals us sometimes? We just got our truck back from the body shop, so I totally know how you feel.

We will be anxiously waiting for good news about Karter, poor sweet boy. He's in our thoughts & prayers.

Mandy said...

Sheesh! When it rains, it pours, right?! Sorry about your truck. Your girls crack me up though! Funny about the eyelashes....they notice the most random things! Good Luck!

Derick and Becky said...

I love those comments by the girls! Especially the $26 one and the last one!!

Trinia said...

Tiff, After talking to you last night I decided to look at your blog. WOW! I'm sorry.

Hey, tell Tai I'm coming to see her lights now. She is so funny!