Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ward Christmas party

This year Tai was old enough to be in the Program at the Christmas party- so we got to watch her on stage-and we were not let down. She was so funny to watch. Tai and her friend Rilee just did their own thing. Teya on the other hand was not fun to watch, unless you like watching melt downs. She was so ready to go home and get out of there that she was out of control. Notice that no one else is holding up their stars- Jake told me that I was encouraging her, but I had to get a picture, Tai and Rilee kept holding them up as high as they could.

One picture where it looks like she was paying attention and doing what she was supposed to.

Tai has been waiting to ask Santa for some Polly Pockets & a Polly Pocket Car! She is so cute, and no-she is hardly ever shy!

Teya freaked- FREAKED as soon as Jake set her on Santa's lap, that happened so quick that I couldn't even get a decent picture because I wasn't even ready. I had to sit Tai down on his lap at the same time and I wasn't in picture position- so it came out blurry, but you at least get the idea! Don't you just love those shots where the kids are having a come apart? So needless to say, Teya hasn't asked Santa for anything!

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