Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun, Friends, and a Really big blow up water slide

The Mason's invited a bunch of friends over to let all the kids play on their blow up water slide. The kids, or should I say girls, because that is all anyone has, had a great time.
Lily, Marnie, Hallee, Brickley, Rilee, Tai, Boston, Katelyn, Teya, and Ivy!
Tai loves the water, so it didn't really matter that it was FREEZING!

We are glad that summer is here!

Teya just thought that the water guns were drinking fountains!

Hanging at the Q's

This year on Mothers Day, we went over to Paula and Kendalls for lunch and to hang out! We always have a good time on their back patio and sitting in the sun.
This is Kendall's position, I have so many pictures of him just like this:
Tai took some pictures of daddy walking around:

and a picture of Tanner's foot. I must say, she did pretty good on the focus with this one:

Tanner busted out the swinging chair and Tai wouldn't let him have it all to himself. She sat and swang with him for a while. This is their "attitude" picture:

I had to try hula hooping. I haven't done it in years. It really isn't as easy as it looks, but once I got it down I tried two and then I tried the one around my arm at the same time. This shot totally looks like I might be doing it:
Happy Mothers Day-My best girls:

I love these two so much!Another Happy Mother's Day to the three mothers that were there:
Me (mother of 2), Paula (mother of 4), and Grandma Whicker (mother of 4)

What would I do without these two?

My girls and I just have so much fun together! I just can't even believe how much I love my girls! They are my life, my joy (and pain-especially when I get hit with a toy) and my world-along with Jake (who isn't pictured)! :)
The many faces of us:

Just like the old days

Braydan, Jake, Travis and Nate helping to clean out one of our new sheds. They found some pretty cool stuff out there. They each got to take something home with them, Braydan took the colorful shirt, Trav took the sweater vest and the tie that hit him mid chest and an old geometry book, and Nate took the sports jacket! They were all laughing so hard.

Killer new ride

My mom and dad came down for a visit, and they brought their new car! My dad has been scoping one of these out for months., local dealers, you name it, he's been on to see what kind of a deal he could get. He finally found the right price for the right car. It is pretty darn cool, zooped up with all the bells and whistles! Dad, I love it! When can I take it for a spin?

A day at the beach

On our last day in San Diego, we decided to hit the beach. At first it was somewhat chilly and we weren't sure if the sun was ever going to come out, but the San Diegan's that we were with kept promising that the clouds would burn off and it would be beautiful. We kept waiting and waiting, and then finally, the sun came out! It was such a nice day and the kids were so good. They just played and played and played. None of them were scared of the water and the temp. of the water didn't matter either!

Tai and Payton-they had so much fun together on the whole trip. They got along so good!
We all had sand EVERYWHERE!

One of my little fish. Tai has always loved the water!

It was so wierd. The colors without the sun at the beach were so blah! But when the sun came out everything was better! The girls still wanted to play in the water even if the sun wasn't out!

Cute little Addison-I love the sand all over in her hair and on her face!
Two little buddies:

Jake and I-Coranodo Island
The bridge to get there is so cool, you can see it in the background
My other little fishie: Yet again, we had to watch her so close, she just wandered everywhere!

Teya was not afraid of the water at all. She went into the water all the way up to her neck.
Tai making sand angels:

Thanks again to Mike and Liz, they brought out the jet skiis and we all got a chance to ride them. You guys always show us a good time when we come!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Go Padres

While in San Diego we were so fortunate to go to Jake & I's first Major League Baseball Game! At first it was a little iffy if we were even going to go- Suz's mom had offered to watch all 4 kids while we went, but Jake and I were unsure of how Teya the terror would act over there. But we finally decided to just go, and boy are we glad we did. Suz's friend from Layton was there with her very rich parents and they purchased our tickets for us while we were on the way there. Little did we know, they purchased us ticket on the 13TH ROW!!!!!!! Holy moly! We were so excited. We just kept going down and down and down!
Livin' it up at the Padre's Game:Jake and I had to participate in tradition, having a Ballpark Hot Dog! They were offering the best deal ever: $5.00 for a hot dog, drink, cookie, peanuts, and popcorn! That is unheard of!!! Jake, Aaron, Suz and I all got the ball park deal. Jake got another Hot Dog and it cost him an additional $4.00 , so we got a pretty good deal (Aaron was a little miffed that he didn't think of that too):
One funny thing: when we were walking back to our seats with our arms full, I mean full of stuff, they had people throwing balls into the stands so we couldn't get into our seats because everyone was standing up screaming. So there we are standing in the isle and I hear Aaron say, "If one of those balls come flying at my head I am going to be pissed, cause I ain't dropping my hot dog to catch the ball" Well about 5 balls later, one comes flying in our direction, we all duck, luckily it went to the person standing next to us, but it was definitely a close call!! We all laughed so hard!
We are now fans!!!

That is how close we were to the action:

Thanks Suz for introducing us to the Padres! We had a blast!

Also a HUGE thank you to Liz and Mark for watching the kids for us so that we could have an actual date!! I know they were a lot of work, but from what you said they made you laugh! Hopefully that makes up for the scare Teya caused you when she tried to jump off the 3 story balcany!!!! So THANK YOU!!!
Our Date was pretty cheap! Suz's friend's parents bought our tickets and wouldn't let us pay them back, our meal cost $14.00 and I still owe Suz $10.00 for parking (we did Valet-livin' large in San Diego) So grand Total: $24.oo

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sea World: AKA Shamu World

Well who can go to San Diego and not go to Sea World.

Here is Tai cheering on the Orca whales at the Shamu show!Our little Teya was a terror at the starfish exhibit. She picked this starfish up and threw it. It landed wrong side up and Suz had to reach far into the water and turn it back over. Thanks Suz!

Aaron, Payton & Tai looking at the sea stars.

That's a pretty big set of jaws! This is after the shark encounter!

This was our first stop. Teya was in heaven, she just kept looking at the sea lions.

Teya was a little bit afraid of touching the sting rays, but she loved splashing in the water.
Our cute little family:

Some of our very most favorite friends: Suz, Addison, Payton & Aaron. We had such a good time with them.

Tai and Daddy touching the "Blue Rays" as Tai called them.

On our second day at Sea World, The girls each picked out a mommy and baby Shamu. They were in heaven the rest of the day, playing with them at every stop!

The Beluga whales.
The walruses were a little strange. They were eating right at the window. They would get all the fish in their mouths and then spit it all back out. So gross! But the girls loved watching them so close.
Me and my girls:

Our San Diego Trip 2009

Ok, so we love to fly and it shows! Well, we really went on Jetblue, but we really like to fly! There is just something so fun about walking into the airport, checking your luggage, removing your shoes and going through your carry on's with security, and watching the planes come in wondering which one will be yours!

Jake was supposed to be in the picture too, but you know him, he ducked!On the way there, Tai and Payton got to sit by eachother.

Teya did not like to have her window open. She had to sit by the window because of the whole car seat thing, but i really needed it open during take off or I start to get sick!

Daddy and Tai walking around the airport waiting for our departure!

Teya had fun touching everything! They both traveled really well!

Jake and I thought this view was pretty cool. It is on the other side of Utah Lake.