Friday, October 31, 2008


My child's climbing is getting out of control! She can climb up anything-the other day, she climbed up into her high chair. I had my back turned for one second and next time I turned around she was sitting in it! Kind of scared me cause I didn't remember putting her in there, I wasn't going crazy, she put her self there. Here a just a couple pictures into the life of my youngest daughter! Climbing the fence to see the horses: I did her hair this day, and by the end of the day, this is what it looked like, still cute though:

Once again "in" something! At least it wasn't sitting in it (she has tried that):

Do you love the face? Here is another turn your back moment:

Tai Turns 4

Tai was looking forward to her birthday for about a month! She would show everyone with her fingers that she was turning 4 for her birthday in October. Well a couple days before her birthday she decided that she wanted to be what she called "thumb up" for her birthday. ( in Adult language, if you hold up 4 fingers with one hand, your thumb is down, she wanted the thumb up which would be 5). Jake and I got a good laugh at that and had to tell her that she could be thumb up next year!

We had two parties for Tai this year. One at home with the Quarnbergs (Gram Great Whicker, Grama Paula & Grampa Kendall, Uncle Tanner, and Kempton). Here are the pictures from her party. She chose the blue frosting on the red velvet cake!

Her presents this year included: size 4T clothes, 3D & sound view master, remote control dinosaur, cowboy boot necklace, makeup, and Polly Pockets.

Tai got so many phone calls on her birthday- that i had to get a picture of her talking on the phone! She was so cute talking like a big girl and saying "thank you" for the birthday wishes!

Carving Pumpkins for FHE

It was kind of funny- We got carving (well Jake did) and the girls were so interested in what he was doing, Teya just sat and moved her head around so that she could see, and Tai just kept asking questions. Jake said that this was his first ever pumpkin that he carved, you know as a kid, your parents usually do it, so this was his very first carving all by himself! We had a good time and washed the seeds and ate them too!

Tai drawing on her pumpkin!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cute little Q Girls

Just some random pictures of my girls doing what they do! Tai loves her animals and loves to make them line up or group together- but we always have to have a daddy, mommy, and baby. If there is anything to climb into-my Teya is in it! She is so cute and fun, but such a handful!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

coolest "PUNKIN" ever!

Ok- so i just have to show my greatest pumpkin creation! After the depression subsided- I got back in to BYU mode for our upcoming game! I just had to show how cool this was. I am pretty proud of myself. And cursed be anyone that tries to smash this pumpkin!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Lexi

Tai was so excited to finally meet and get to hold her new cousin Alexa. Tai loves to hold little babies-but don't get any ideas, no there is not a new one coming to our house!!!! Teya mostly liked to touch the "beebee" on the head or in the eye! Both girls were really cute with her.

kids will be kids

Even when they grow up, daddy's still like to play with toys. Here is the first version of the tower:
Jake had "earthquake tested" the first version, and it just wasn't steady enough (Tai had helped construct it), so down it came and Jake began constuction of this one. It ended up taller than him. He was pretty proud of his tower and that it could withstand a little shaking! But what it couldn't hold was Tai pushing it over to see what would happen. (Although the base stayed together, just as he had suspected)

New Toys

As if we didn't have enough toys around our house- the other day when we went to Lehi to see my family, we stopped at Walgreens to check out their selection of Cougar Gear. We didn't find anything worthy of buying along the lines of cougar support, but Jake decided to let the girls each pick out something to buy. Tai has never wanted anything really girly, so you can imagine my suprise when she picked out this "bling-bling". She ususally wants dinosaurs or some other animal to play with. (P.S. i think since we got home, she has only worn this stuff once, it is back to elephants and dinosaurs). Teya picked out about what i would have guessed, a stuffed elephant, which she calls " baby mumo". It is really cute how much she loves it, to this day, she sleeps with it.

this is what happens...

when you let your 3 year old dress themselves! Although she looked cute, it really didnt' match and go together very good! But she insisted on being a big girl and dressing herself with the clothes that she picked! Love you Tai!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Once again my 3 year old is in trouble. We were driving down the road the other day and I knew Tai had the crayons. What i didn't know was that she was taking the paper off all of them and shredding the crayons on the truck seat. I didn't notice until I took her out and wala! You can only see a couple little crayon chips here in the picture, but they were everywhere. So we went to borrow Grandma Paula's vaccuum and Tai had to clean up her mess. She was so cute about it! She kept saying "sorry mommy" I said "I know, but you need to clean it up, you are the one that made the mess. We don't want our truck seats to get ruined"

Thank Heavens

Whoever created these little carts was heaven sent! My girls are actually pretty good when I go shopping if they can ride in one! Look out people around us, cause they are very hard to maneuver, but hey if i have to take someone's achilles tendon out to get my grocery shopping done- so be it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cute Sayings of my girls

I just wanted to record some of the cute things that my girls say. Putting them into words doesn't even do them justice to how cute they are, but at least I put them down on paper for them to see later:


"i love our home"
"What was your favorite part of the day?"
"we are having a celebration"
"A predicament" "What's a predicament" "A predicament is a problem..." (from sesame street)
"Zreba" -meant to be zebra
"Mom- I did it myself" (then she will give me a high five)


"Dow" = down
"mumo"= Dumbo
"mmm, da goo"= mmmmm, that good
"um" = um
"mom" = here's my binkie, or I need something
"eeewww" = i just went potty in my diaper or I just stuck my hand in the toilet water
"UH-OH"= i'm in bed and dropped my blanket/mimi (binki) or did something I know i shouldn't have!
"go"= you are to close to me and get away

Friday, October 3, 2008

Round Up 2008

In all the years that I have lived here, I have never got any pictures of my cowboy Jake and the other WF guys bringing the cattle off the mountain. They started on Monday at 5:30 am and have been gathering for several days. Yesterday, they brought them all the way down to the valley. So bear with me, but I wanted to show some of the cool pictures that I took of them bringing the 500+ head of cattle down.

Here is Jake- he was up front yesterday, keeping the front ones moving! My cute Cowboy:
I know this one is a little hard to see, but that is the line of cattle from a distance.
They start on this side--------------------------and go to this side of the picture.
click on the picture for a better/bigger view!

Grandpa Kendall was certainly glad to get them home!!!

It is always a lot of work to get them all home, Jake's knee definitely felt the many days of riding a horse for 10-12 hours a day!

Getting them all in the field is a good feeling- It was a good year, with no big injuries on the cowboys part! Isn't Jake cute?

The girls loved to watch the steers and heifers coming down the road!

They had lots of help from Jared, Milen, Blue, Troy & Ben
When all was said and done, Tai got to have a ride on Ruffy with daddy! She got to ride him all the way to the barn! Thanks Daddy! Teya doesn't really like to get on them to much- she just likes to feed them weeds!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Girls!

I haven't taken any pictures of my girls for a while, so today we headed up the lane again for some pictures! Neither girl was in the mood, but I talked Tai into it and as you can tell by Teya's face in this picture and the one down below, she was not having it!