Friday, October 31, 2008

Tai Turns 4

Tai was looking forward to her birthday for about a month! She would show everyone with her fingers that she was turning 4 for her birthday in October. Well a couple days before her birthday she decided that she wanted to be what she called "thumb up" for her birthday. ( in Adult language, if you hold up 4 fingers with one hand, your thumb is down, she wanted the thumb up which would be 5). Jake and I got a good laugh at that and had to tell her that she could be thumb up next year!

We had two parties for Tai this year. One at home with the Quarnbergs (Gram Great Whicker, Grama Paula & Grampa Kendall, Uncle Tanner, and Kempton). Here are the pictures from her party. She chose the blue frosting on the red velvet cake!

Her presents this year included: size 4T clothes, 3D & sound view master, remote control dinosaur, cowboy boot necklace, makeup, and Polly Pockets.

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Misty said...

Happy Birthday Tai!!! We can't believe she is already four years old. What a cutie.