Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

We made the voyage up to my parents house for Halloween this year. My mom and dad have never got to be around my girls for this holiday, and Jake was in Vegas, so we went up there. I was really worried that Teya wasn't going to wear anything, because everytime I tried to put something on her, she FREAKED OUT!!!! She kept telling everyone that she wanted to be a "Dumbo" (elephant), so I called my mom and had her try to find an outfit. I honestly think that she thought Halloween was something she got and she was going to get a toy Dumbo. But luckily, I got her in one of Tai's old dance costumes (cheapest was to go).
I still can not believe how pretty Tai looks in this picture! She and I had been going rounds about this costume too. It was a costume that I had worn when I was a little girl. It is a genie. Well it has a tube top, and I told her she had to wear something under it or she wasn't wearing it. Knock down-drag out after knock down-drag out, she finally decided that wearing something under it was ok!!

For trick or treating, we went down to my sister Lacey's neighborhood. They have tons of houses right there together. That meant we got to go with the cousins.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I know that I have other things that I should be blogging, but my friend Suz sent me this and I though I would share it with the world!!!! Go Cougars!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waking up

This is what I was woke up to at 6:00 am this morning. How cute is that? My body must have known that I was missing a photo opportunity and it knew to get up!!! LOL

Friday, November 6, 2009

I have been pretty amazed with how smart Tai has gotten the last little while. Here's why:
1-My brother Dustin gave her a DVD called Letter Factory for Christmas last year. She has watched it a couple times over the year, nothing serious. We got it out a while back and she watched it a couple times on a trip to Vegas. Well now she can tell you what sound each letter makes. I am in awe! If that wasn't cool enough that she picked that up all on her own thanks to that DVD (go get it everyone!), but now when she says words, she is starting to figure out what letters are in that word, due to the sounds that word makes. She tries to figure out what letter that word starts or ends with, and also what other letters she can hear in the middle. She has been doing this for a couple months, which means she was doing this when she was 4. What???? I don't think I even knew what a letter was at 4, let alone what sound each letter makes. Kids just keep getting smarter and smarter at earlier ages!!! You go TAI!!!!

2-She has become a walking encyclopedia on Dinosaurs. The other night we were out to grandpa and Grandma Quarnbergs and she was telling them all about dinosaurs. They couldn't belive it. Not only can she tell you the names of the dinosaurs (even I can't do that, those are hard to say and remember), but she can tell you if they are omnivores, herbivores, or carnivores (huge words), and how to tell the difference between those three, how big each dinosaur is, what their preditors or prey are (huge words again), how fast they can run, if they migrate, how they protect themselves from other dinosaurs, how their bones got to be fossils and on, and on, and on. It is actually pretty cool. She is now telling us that she wants to be a Paleontologist and dig up a “whole dinosaur” with a hammer, chizzel and a brush. I just love it!! Keep dreaming big sweetheart and someday we will see you out on a dig site, digging up your very first WHOLE DINOSAUR!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tai at a BYU game

Tai has been asking Jake and I to take her to a BYU game, so we bought one of Aaron & Suz's extra tickets and we took Tai. She LOVED it and has been asking to go back. I even got her a BYU shirt to wear. The guys and the girls had to split up because we only have 4 seats right by eachother. I sent Tai to sit with Jake, and here is what I kept looking over to see: He would hold her high up in the air and she would dance.
My little BYU girl:

Sitting with daddy:

Suz and her kids, Payton & Addie:

When we were walking back to the car, Jake kept right on holding her high in the air, and she just kept on dancing and shaking it:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

BYU Quarnberg Girls

Jake ended up having to work for one of our home BYU Football games!! I know it was like against all we stand for, but hey, it happened. So at the last minute I needed to find someone to go with me, so I asked Mal. She said "Yes" and away we went. We had so much fun together. I kept grabbing her arm and throwing it in the air to help me cheer for the BYU Cougars, she even bought herself a cougar shirt, there is no turning back now!! She and I had a great time together!!! Thanks for going with me Mal and having a fun girls day!!! I am so glad that you are my sister!!!! Now I have someone to help me put up with all these Quarnberg boys!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tanner's homecoming game

I decided this year, that the girls and I were going to be FESTIVE for Tanner's last homecoming game. (Yeah, he is a senior!! Sad huh? I met him on his fifth birthday-Jake brought me from college to meet all his family at Tanner's family birthday party, sniff, sniff!!! My how time flies, now he is all grown up!) Anyway, we went out to my mother in law's house to see if she had any of the right colors!!! I can always count on her to come through for me, so that I didn't have to go spend $2.00 on tole paint!!!! Man that would have been a tragedy. :) :) Mal and Karter were out there, so they joined in on the fun and this is how we all turned out:
Teya wouldn't let me paint her face, so she got some on the back of her hands!
karter sat so still.

Tai loved every minute of it!

At the game, Karter loved watching all the boys warming up! I was glad I caught it in a picture how excited he was.

And then there were my two little cheerleaders! Tai and Teya were dancing all over the place, loving all the attention. Imagine that!

I have wanted to get a picture of this for quite a while. Pretty cool!

That time of year again

When the leaves start to change and the weather gets a little chilly-we know it is time to bring the cattle home. I love, Love, LOVE the fall, and pretty much everything that comes with it, other than the super cold weather.

The "Round-Up" week started out with an overnight camping trip up to the Grazing Pasture with daddy. He was going to be getting up really early to get his horse saddled and get ready to meet all the other Cowboys, but we were on strick orders to just hang out and have fun when we woke up. Of course my little Teya was the first up and had to go potty. So out of the really warm bed and out into the really cold morning. That had done it for me. I got the girls up, cleaned up our bedding and into the truck we went to head home. As I was closing the last gate on our way out, I turned around to this picture!!! Gorgeous!!!! I got feeling a little bad for Jake since he was going to be staying in the trailer all week and it was FLIPPIN' cold up there so we ended up driving back up there the same day to bring him an electric space heater (which he said "SUCKED"-and didn't help)! But we were lucky enough to catch the guys right after lunch and so the girls got to go on a horse ride:I know that I am a little biased, but gosh my cowboy is darn cute!!! The girls DID NOT want to get off Arizona. They love to ride horses!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Matching Cousins

The last time we went up to my mom's, she suprised all the girls with matching jammies. They were so darn cute. Thanks Grandma!!!

Quarnberg Punkin' Patch

It was Kendall's birthday last weekend, so we ALL got together. Not to many times in a year are all the Quarnbergs & Grandma Whicker there for a picture. So I made everyone stay for a quick snapshot, thanks to timers on cameras. Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Tanner have had a really nice garden this year. They have had Kipp help them do a lot of cement around it and they built up with rail road ties for the garden. So while we were all together, Grandma wanted all the grandkids to go out and pick a pumpkin. The kids all loved it and Grandma was so excited that she grew them!

Teya picking her pumpkin

Grandma cutting each of the pumpkins off:

Once again, none of the kids wanted to look at the camera, but we had to document each of their pumpkins that they picked!

Grandma cutting out Tai's pumpkin.

Sunday afternoon when it's cold outside

This is what the girls wanted to do after confrence on Sunday. They got out their rubbermaid full of stuffed animals and covered daddy! They thought it was so much fun!

Running back and forth to bring the animals out of their room.
My parents call Teya a little bunny rabbit because she always does this with her arms. yes, that is daddy under there!

Nasty Note:

A couple weeks ago I talked to one of the Salina City workers and was told that we were sent a letter (that i hadn't got yet) about our weeds. I was told that we had so many days to take care of them before we were to be sent a VERY strongly worded letter and then an officer would be sent over to our home to cite us. I was stunned and asked, "you will send an officer over to give me a ticket for my weeds?" She said yes! What the crap??????!!!!!!??????? So a little tid bit for many of you that don't know that we moved to Salina and bought an older home and fixed up. We have been living here since the middle of July and have done quite a bit of work to it. Got the front and back yard looking nice and green and mostly weed free! Our neighbors had been taking care of the yard for quite some time, so it didn't need a lot of work, just daily TLC!!! We have a total of about 3/4 of an acre but most of that is fenced off in the back. Well, those are the weeds that they were having a fit about, the ones in the very back. So here are some pictures of it- Yeah, they were big and out of control, but I am only one woman. I can only do so much when my husband is gone A LOT!!!! But whatev!!!!!
So the below picture is what our house looks like now that we have done some updating. Still a work in progress, but see where I put the arrow? That is where the weeds are. Do you see them? Well, they are kind of hard to see from the road. That is why we were a little baffled at our note!!! Apparently the other kinds of people that got these "nasty notes" are the ones that have all sorts of CRAP in their yards. You know the kind with 7-8 broken down cars, old strollers, broken kids toys, rubbermaids stacked 4 or 5 high, and all sorts of unimaginable junk. So you can now call us the trash of Salina!!!! Here is what they look like up close. I know a bit large and in charge:After the "note" Jake decided to try and mow them over!!! Let's just say, lawn mowers are not meant for that type of work! Our kind friends even loaned us their goats to help with the weed infetestation! The girls love having them back there. They get to pet and hang out with the goats! It is kind of funny. We just moved from the perfect place to have pets and we never had one, now we live in the city and have a cat and 2 loaner goats!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

While Jake was away:

I loved it when the girls wanted to talk to Jake on the phone. I especially loved it when Teya talked to him, this is what she looked like:I think we were the only ones out for a walk the day it rained. The girls had so much fun with their umbrella's. Thanks grandma Paula for those!!!!

Teya's hair looked so funny/cute this day, so we sent a picture of it to Jake!

Tai has been blowing bubbles for a couple of years now, but she still wants me to watch every one of them that she blows!!! Good job Tai!

Preschool starts

While we were gone to Las Vegas, Tai missed the first two days of preschool. But when we got back, she was ready to go. So here she is on her first day of school!