Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Randomness of the week.  We were at activity days and Tai said:

"Stomach STOP IT, you're Fine!!!"

When we all looked at her like "WHAT?!?!" She said that her stomach growls and makes a lot of noises, so she was telling her stomach that it was fine!  We all laughed pretty hard

Teya Growing Up

This last week our little goof ball Teya turned 8. She has chosen to be baptised in a couple weeks and she couldn't be more excited to have "Her Magical Day!" 

Our Top 8 Things We Love About Teya:

1- She is constantly singing.  Everywhere and anything. When asked this year if she wanted to take singing lessons, her reply, "No, I already know how to sing!"
2- She loves her sister and brother and plays with them. Some of her favorite things to play with Tai is Minecraft on their Ipads, Legos, and stuffed animals (not sure what they play with them, but they create something).  She wrestles, watches Paw Patrol and argues with the 2 year old AJ. :)
3-She is in her 2nd year of Dual Emerson at Mc Polin Elementary and is learning so much.  She is so cute when she speaks in Spanish.  She and Tai sang Feliz Navidad at Christmas time and it was so cute! (Teya sang the Spanish part and Tai sang the English)
4- She loves to paint and is very good at it.  She received an art set for Christmas and she loves to sit at the easel and paint with different types of brushes and of course, mix the paint colors.
5- She could eat us out of house and home with pickles.  To say that she loves them is the understatement of the world.  
6- She loves to make us all laugh.  Her randomness catches us off guard.
7- She is a really good reader and enjoys it.  She pushes hard at school so her teachers have told us that it is ok for her to come home and read picture books.  She is in 2nd grade and reading at a 4th & 5th grade level.
8- Her new love is that she can make everyone in our family a cheese quesadilla  or hard cheese by herself.  She probably asks us a couple times a week if we would like hard cheese.  (For those of you that know me, I made this as a child, I even wrote the recipe for my mom's recipe book. Hahaha, so it is pretty dear to my heart) 

(Her middle name is Jane and so I call her Janie Roo or Janie)