Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lately around our house, we haven't done a whole lot! But my girls continue to make me smile! So here are a couple pictures and stories that go with them;

Jake was working up to Grass Valley and we told him that we would come and visit him later in the afternoon. When it was about time to go, Tai took me to the kitchen window and said, "we go on the highway, then follow that path, then turn by the candy store and that is where we stop on our way to Grass Valley." I was so suprised that she could remember how to get there, so I said, "you will have to help me know where to turn and stuff cause it has been a while since i have been there." Then she asked me where my scriptures were and without thinking about why, I told her that they were in my bedroom. A couple minutes later she came back with the Bible and she had found the maps in the back and said that this was the path that you follow to get to Grass Valley!! It was so cute!
This sight brings me much joy when we are on the road-especially on our way to Lehi:

My girls can be so loving towards eachother! I just happened to catch one of these quick moments of a hug!

Yet another one of Teya's "turned my back" moments! I let the girls play with shaving cream in the shower, they usually just stick their animals in it and then stick them in the water to rinse them off. But i guess that is not always the case!

I keep telling Jake that he should let me take his picture-I guess this is the closest that I will get this week! Or maybe I could label this one as Jake and his favorite things: having Tai snuggle by him, the remote, Dr. Pepper, a bowl of icecream and Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar chips!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I have been so wrapped up in scrapping that i have failed to update my blog! Not a whole lot has happened around these parts! The girls are well and getting big! One quick cute thing about Tai- Grandma Great had brought the girls over a nativity scene to play with and they have been loving it! But bless Tai's heart, she can't say Joseph- it comes out as Jovus (pronounced joe-vus). It is so cute. We keep saying "Joseph" and she says "Jovus" back! We have laughed pretty hard over that. It makes me miss her old words that she used to say like zreba (zebra) and Anna Pickard (her name).

Friday, November 14, 2008

THANKS TO TANNER Q!!!! He showed me lots of cool stuff on the computer that I did not know! We were looking for cool BYU pictures and came across this killer photo!!!! WE LOVE OUR COUGARS NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Karter

On Saturday we got to take the girls up to the Hospital to see Karter for his birthday! He didn't know what to make of the girls running, jumping, climbing, screaming, and playing. His eyes were huge as he watched them. The girls were a handful in the room, but they loved getting to see Karter.

Tai was so excited to get to hold him. he just kept looking back at her and you could almost hear him saying, "what in the world are you girls doing?"

Our Last home BYU Game of 2008

We have had such a fun/exciting College Football Season so far! We along with all other BYU fans were devistated when we lost to TCU-blowing our chances of a BCS Bowl Game. But, the depression has subsided (somewhat) and we have still had a great season! This past weekend was our last home game and it was so much fun! Scott and Carol Lee Johnson called Jake on Friday night and said they had two extra tickets on the 35 yard line-row 9. UH, HELLO, who wouldn't want them? So we shared with Aaron and Suz!!!! Suz and I got to sit in them for the first quarter-we were in awe!!! People definitely take those tickets for granted! I stood up and cheered so loud (the players could even hear you from those seats)! But everyone around us just sat there and clapped and didn't get to excited! At second quarter we switched Jake and Aaron seats. I felt a little more at home up in the semi-nose bleed section. People up there are just so excited to have tickets that every game is a party!!! Then in the fourth quarter we went back to reclaim our 35 yard line seats and Scott & Carol Lee said that they had stuff to get home to- I am not sure that they really did or not, they may have just seen how excited we were to be able to sit there that they couldn't bear to make two of us go back to our original seats! So THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU to the Johnson's who shared their seats with us and let all 4 of us sit there for most of the fourth quarter! They were so fun and we savored the seats for as long as we possibly could! I had never been down to the tunnel to watch the team come out- so Suz and I went down to check it out! How cool is that? Those players are so huge! They look normal sizes when you put them in that huge stadium, but wow- theyare huge!

Not a great picture, but there's the man: Coach Bronco Mendenhall!!!!


Thanks to our friends Aaron & Suz Shaw- we have had a blast at the games! It wouldn't be the same without you guys! We will miss seeing you ever couple weeks! With the "Y" in the background
Jake and I-so close to the field, you can smell the grass!

Scott, Carolee, Jake & Aaron-true BYU fans!


Sound asleep

I went in to check Teya while she was napping and this is what I saw! I have to check her occasionally because she gets her legs stuck in between the bars and can't get them out, or it wakes her up. But this was by far the cutest way I have ever seen her sleep. The stink bug position comes in a close second.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Karter's Big Day

Today is the day for our little Karter!!!! He recieved his Cord Blood Transplant today!!!! Mal sent me these pictures of it all.

Here is the cord blood:
There it goes:

I had to have a few minutes to dry my eyes when I saw this picture. This little family has been through so much. Very few families will ever have to deal with all that they have dealt with. We love them will all our hearts and keep praying for
them everyday! Karter is truly a fighter!!!!! keep it up big guy!!!

My Favorite Things:

This week for our Enrichment Night, we did OUR FAVORITE THINGS- (if anyone wants details let me know), but we had so much fun and it got me thinking of my favorite things that can't be bought-So here I am starting a new TAG-yes, you heard it right TAG!!! Take pictures of your favorite things and post them! I am not going to be bossy and tell you how many people to TAG, but it is another fun way of getting to know you!
So here are a couple of my favorite things: Reading books to my girls! I love that I have two legs, one for each girl to sit on. They love it as much as I do. They snuggle into my lap and help turn the pages (sometime prematurely), but we LOVE IT!!! This is one of our favorite books to read "How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnight" We read it about 3-4 times a day- sometimes more. But the cutest thing is Tai has it memorized and can recite the words when she see's the pictures. What a smart girl! Must get it from me :) :)
So I am tagging: Lacey, Misty, Becky, Jodi, Jami, Mal, Suz, and Danyette

Favorite things cont.

Another one of my very favorite things is when I wake up and it is going to be a rainy day. I just love the smell, the sights, and hearing and watching the rain fall. So this week I was so excited to wake up to this view out my back porch. I couldn't resist running out in my robe and bare feet to take a picture of the storm coming our way. This one was later in the afternoon- you can see where the sun is, but it was so cool, all the cloud formations- I know, I should be a meteoroligist. But seriously- I love the rain, and I think it is so cool that Tai loves it too- she always asks me if i like the rain and I tell her "yes" then she says, "so do I mommy"!

What is this?

I saw this car in the parking lot as I was getting ready to pull out onto the road and hurried to snap a shot of it cause I love it!!! It reminds me of the car my dad wants to find and fix up; a Chevell Supersport. I tried to see what kind of a car it was, it is obviously some new make and model (at least to my eyes). It isn't a great picture, I was driving, being mother, and photographer all at the same time. So please help me out and tell me what this is!!! (Not that i have the money to go out and buy it, but it sure looks nice)

Halloween Carnival

I took the girls over to the church for the Primary Halloween Carnival. They had a lot of fun playing games and walking around seeing all the costumes.Tai got her face painted-she chose where she wanted it to go-right there in between her eyes.

They served dinner for everyone- hot dogs, chips, carrots, pickles, & olives. Anyone who knows me, knows i don't like hot dogs, but who knew my little Teya would LOVE them. I walked around holding her while she held her hot dog and ate it. Grand total was 1 1/2 hot dogs. All plain, no mustard or ketchup, just holding the hot dog! GROSS!!!
Tai loved playing the games trying to win prizes. Here she is throwing rings onto the bottles.

Playing PLINKO!

Happy Halloween

The older my girls get, the funner Halloween is. We didn't do anything eventful and we only went to three houses trick-or-treating, but we had fun getting dressed up and taking pictures. Teya's original costume was a witch, but she didn't like the dress I made for her, so we relied on Tai's old Indian costume. She looked really cute. By the way aren't those gords way cool? My mom got them from her work "Cook's Farm & Greenhouse"-for me to decorate my porch with.
Our little BYU Cheerleader- She kept telling everyone that she was a BYU football girl.