Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lately around our house, we haven't done a whole lot! But my girls continue to make me smile! So here are a couple pictures and stories that go with them;

Jake was working up to Grass Valley and we told him that we would come and visit him later in the afternoon. When it was about time to go, Tai took me to the kitchen window and said, "we go on the highway, then follow that path, then turn by the candy store and that is where we stop on our way to Grass Valley." I was so suprised that she could remember how to get there, so I said, "you will have to help me know where to turn and stuff cause it has been a while since i have been there." Then she asked me where my scriptures were and without thinking about why, I told her that they were in my bedroom. A couple minutes later she came back with the Bible and she had found the maps in the back and said that this was the path that you follow to get to Grass Valley!! It was so cute!
This sight brings me much joy when we are on the road-especially on our way to Lehi:

My girls can be so loving towards eachother! I just happened to catch one of these quick moments of a hug!

Yet another one of Teya's "turned my back" moments! I let the girls play with shaving cream in the shower, they usually just stick their animals in it and then stick them in the water to rinse them off. But i guess that is not always the case!

I keep telling Jake that he should let me take his picture-I guess this is the closest that I will get this week! Or maybe I could label this one as Jake and his favorite things: having Tai snuggle by him, the remote, Dr. Pepper, a bowl of icecream and Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar chips!

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