Monday, July 28, 2008

Our 24th

This year for the 24th of July-we got all of the Quarnbergs together to go 4-wheeling up to the Grazing Pasture. We unloaded, had lunch, and then drove to the beaver pond for some fishing, playing in the mud, and wandering. This is uncle Tanner walking across one of the beaver dams.
Jake was so patient helping Tai fish. They never caught anything, but they had fun sitting on the edge of the beaver pond watching the water and the beaver. Kipp, Mal & Karter together for a quick family picture. Karter is so stinking cute!
Daniel and his boys Kempton & Ramzy getting ready to head home!
Kendall & Paula posing by one of Kendall's favorite spots along the trail.
Teya was so good to wear her hat the whole day so she wouldn't get burned. We had to keep her binkie in to try and keep her from eating everything in sight! I did catch her a couple times with rocks and dirt in her mouth.
It was good to see all our family again. We don't get to do a lot of things together as a family because of everyone's schedules, but we love them and are so grateful to be part of the Quarnberg family!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Redmond 24th of July Parade

Can you say CANDY?!?!?!?!?! Wow- I had always heard that when you go to the Redmond parade you take a bag to hold all your candy, but I was no where near prepared for how much candy the girls got. It got to the point where candy was sitting on the ground around them and they didn't even care. And we only stayed for half the parade. We were there about 30 min (perfect amount of time for a parade) and the end came. I was getting ready to leave and everyone was like, "it's not over". I looked up the road and the parade had turned around and was coming back. So you see the same stuff twice and get twice the candy, but I still packed up and left. We got enough candy to supply us for a year!

We followed the Foote Families over and hung out with them since we had never been to the parade before, we had to be shown the ropes! Here are my girls with Emma, Maddison, & Tyler.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun Icecream Idea

Ginger had a fun idea for us to do with all the kids-And as you can tell by the pictures, the girls loved it!!!!

1 cup milk
1 cup half & half- or whip cream
1/2 cup sugar
dash of vanilla
and flavoring (oreo's, cookies, reeces, fruit) break it up

Put all that in a small ziplock baggie and then duct tape the top of it where it opens.

Then in large ziplock bag layer ice, rock salt, icecream bag, ice, rock salt, ice, rock salt, ect.. until the bag is full. Close the large bag and start shaking!!!! Takes about 5-8 minutes of shaking, so take turns! If it gets really cold on you, you can wrap the whole thing in newspaper and then duct tape around that several times! The kids had so much fun making and shaking!!! My personal favorite part was the eating! I put like 6 oreos in mine, and it was perfect!!!!

Redneck Slip-N-Slide

We went to the Johnson Mountain Ranch for a Relief Society activity. We all brought our own lunches and came ready for a fun day! The weather threatened us many times, but we stayed and had a great time! Jared & Ginger divert the ditch onto a long piece of plastic and we go for a ride! The kids had a lot of fun! Alright, I did too!
i thought this picture was cute of Tai and her friend Katelyn! They had about had all the fun they wanted!
And why not rinse off the dirty irrigation water with a community shower! GO KELTON!!! Someday he will appreciate this!

A Bunch of Trashy Women?

Nah- Just girls out having a good time, wrapped in trash bags! Ginger gave them to us so that we would go faster down the slide! In all honesty I am not sure who had more fun- the kids or the mom's. When we were getting done, all the kids were wrapped in towels sitting on the chairs waiting to go have icecream and us girls were still wanting to go down again! But we finally gave into the kids and retired our uniforms! :) We did a couple trains, this one is probably the funnest way to go down!
We were all laughing so hard at the end!
Trashy Women: Bree, Trina, Brooke, Tiff, Sandi, and Ginger!

Fishing at Grass Valley

We didn't have so much luck with the fish this go round- but I'm not really sure if it was a bad fishing day or the fact that the girls were throwing rocks- You be the judge!

We finally just let the girls throw rocks for a while. They were as happy as could be to do that! It even sprinkled on us while we were there and they didn't even care one bit!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tai's FIRST Haircut

We woke up this morning and got Tai in the shower- after she just kept saying that her hair was "UhH" (whatever that means) and that she wanted to cut it! I personally think that she thought if we cut it, we wouldn't have to brush it. Little did she know! But we got it washed and brushed and I got out the scissors. I am not a great cutter, but her hair is so curly you would never know if I didn't do a good job. She was so good to sit still, and I trimmed about 1 1/2 inches off: Before AFTER:
You know your child is getting big when she can take your picture! Here I am the mighty hair cutter- in my robe! Jake won't even let me touch his hair anymore, I used to be his stylist, until I got it just a little (or a lot) to short! :)

Call me crazy-but she IS drinking her milk!

Random Girls

Tai loves her grandma's & grandpa's so much- Here she is with grandma Paula (as Tai calls her). I am pretty sure that the feeling is mutual! :)
I came walking into the kitchen the other day and Teya was doing this. By the time I had grabbed me camera she was off, so I made her get back up on the lids, but when I first looked in at her, she wasn't holding onto the washer! I told Jake to hurry and look at her and he couldn't belive it! So Yes, she is still climbing on EVERYTHING!
Grandma and both girls!
The girls right before our fireworks-you think I could get a shot of them both looking at me smiling? That is a little out of the question! But they are still the cutest girls I've ever seen!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We didn't get to see any fireworks on the 4th, so for Family Night- we had our own firework show! The girls loved it! Teya kept trying to blow them from her chair, and Tai kept covering her ears cause she thought all of them were loud ones! She said they were "nosey", we all got a good laugh out of that. Here is Jake letting off a smoke bomb for all those BYU fans out there!! Go Cougars!
Fireworks wouldn't be complete without sparklers. Tai was kind of afraid of them at first, but then she really liked them.
Teya just wanted to blow on them, or stick them in her mouth-shocking!
We are a Happy Family!

Our 4th of July Tradition

For the last couple of years we have been invited to go camping for a family get together with the Whickers. Tai could hardly wait to see Po-Po and Drey! This is a picture FIRST thing friday morning. Ready to go on a ride! J-Dee (Jake Beck's dad) is such a good sport and so good with the kids. Teya could just hardly wait to eat! Here she is in the camp trailer eating her lunchable (how did we ever survive without those?)
I went shopping at the dollar store and found bubbles for the kids, (of course one for each child present). Tai was so excited to share them with Po-Po and Drey! They wanted to hang out with Jake Beck and Tai wanted them to play with the bubbles. She finally won them over!

Cool lake huh?

When I asked Tai what her favorite part of the trip was, she said, "playing with the boys and chasing squirrels"
We couldn't possibly go camping without going for a ride on the lake. The kids love it-and one bonus about having children in your canoe, is that you don't get splashed! (it is usually WAR). Here is Tai, Drey, me and Teya Jake had to row, cause he was the only one able!
Paula and Tanner
Kipp, Kendall, Mal and Karter.The trip wouldn't have been complete without the real WAR (Paintballing)! Jake Beck's friends came up to challenge the Quarnbergs & Whickers. I am not sure who won most of the games, but just about everyone had paint splatters!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What would camping be without showing a couple good really dirty shots! That is all Teya wanted to do was play in the dirt- and of course eat it too! Tai mostly ran around with the boys chasing pot guts, but she got really dirty too. The foot picture is of Tai-gross!