Saturday, July 12, 2008


So for anyone who looks closely- these posts are all messed up and out of order! I tried really hard to get them in order- does anyone know how to do that?


The Shaws said...

First - We miss our friends. Only a month and a half until kick-off, yay! (I check my mailbox daily for our tickets...)

Second - The girls are adorable. We need to get together and play. We're planning Addison's birthday party for August 9th if you guys want to make a little drive

Third - To change the order of your blogs, go into your Blogger dashboard and then to "Edit Posts". Click on a post and at the bottom of the post box there is link that says Post Options. You can change the time of the post, which will allow you to put change the order based on it's post time. Call me if you need to.

Fourth - We love you guys! Does Jake have a cell phone, yet? I think Aaron feels a little disconnected

Karen said...

Hey, I've never posted on your blog before, but I check it pretty regularly...Jodi sent out an e-mail giving me yours, Jami's, Kipp's, and her blogs. Anyway, we love seeing what's going on with your cute girls! Also, the picture your have at the top of your blog is it of Jake? Who took it? I am photographically retarded so I would love to get a hold of your photographer. We're heading to the west the month of August and are driving around Colorado and Utah...maybe we'll meet up with you guys sometime.
Oh, we are going to start a blog someday, probably after the vacation when things settle down, so I'll let you know what it is when we do.
Karen (Wiley) Andersen (DeAnn's kid)