Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tai's Vacation 2008

Grandma Snell took a couple days off from work and invited Tai to stay at her house for a couple days-all by herself (from Saturday until Wednesday). Jake and I decided that we would let Tai decide for herself if she wanted to stay or come home with us. We asked her on Saturday morning what she wanted to do and it changed 50 million times by the time Jake, Teya and I left. She would say, "I want you to stay mommy," or "I want to stay," and then it would be back to "I want to go home." But she finally decided to stay when Grandma told her that she could have a sleepover with Maili.

First on the activity agenda was the Lehi Round-up Rodeo on Saturday night. It was Tai's first time at a rodeo. Grandma said that she loved seeing all the animals (shocking)! She even went in her cowboy hat!

Here is cousin Maili in Tai's hat. It was her first time at the rodeo too!

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Amber said...

Hey - it's your cousin Amber. I sure had fun seeing you and your family at the parade. You're girls are adorable. It's fun to get a glimpse at your neck of the woods on your blog!!