Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

Teya and I had a lot of togetherness time. We went swimming, played with the sidewalk chalk (well one of us did, the other ate it, bet you can't guess which one is which), played outside and Teya went to cheerleading with me. I got my house cleaned up good, I never realized who was making the biggest mess in the house until Tai was gone-my house stayed picked up for 4 days!!! But I also realized how much I love my little Tai and how our family needs her!!!! Jake and I would ask Teya where Tai was and she would look around trying to find her. They love eachother and are such cute sisters! We definitely missed Tai and are glad she is home!

Teya entertained the cheerleaders with her dancing and singing- I was lucky to catch a picture of the faces she was pulling that made everyone laugh! She is such a silly little girl!

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