Saturday, July 12, 2008

One of the things that Grandma took Tai to do was go swimming at Aunt Sherene's pool! If it involves water and her lifejacket, Tai is so there! Especially if it involes playing with Maili.

Going down the slide-all by herself!
I had to get after Grandma and Aunt Cee-Cee (lacey) for not taking pictures of Tai and Maili's sleepover, but they had a campout on Grandma's front room floor. From what I hear, it was a little bit of a late-nighter!

Some other things that they did while Tai was at Grandma's was they went to the Polar Bear Store (Build-A-Bear) and got Lizzie a new shirt and a carrying bag, went shopping, and out to lunch! They went on long bike rides at night and just HAD FUN!!!!!

I called every day to see how she was doing, but she only talked to me one time the day she was coming home! She was just having such a great time! Grandma told me that she did want to call one time because Tai wanted to do something and grandma wouldn't let her, so she wanted to call me and tell me that Grandma wasn't being nice! Funny huh?

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