Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Park City Trip

Bree, Trina, and I went to park City for a Christmas shopping trip- I know a little early, but I got quite a bit (for myself). We had so much fun! We stayed in my uncles condo so we got to shop hard all day Friday and then relax (or stay up until 1:30). We all woke up about 7:00 am- the life of mothers! We found out that Trina had never been to Park City- so of course we had to show her a good time. We finished up shopping on Saturday morning and then took her up to the ski resorts and went on the new "coaster". We had to really talk her into doing it, but it was well worth it! Like the attitude Trina is giving?

tricked out bike

Grandma Great came over the other day and as soon as she pulled up Tai saw her through the window and said, "Did grandma bring me a suprise?" I was a little embarrased that my child would ask that- but not at all suprised! Anyway Grandma got out of the car and Tai ran out there to ask that same question. Grandma always comes through & said that she had done that to herself, because she always brings something for them. She had stopped at Walmart on the way and found some goodies for the girls! Tai's suprise was stuff for her bike! She was so excited! (A horn & sparkly dangly things- i have no idea what they are called)

Field Trip to the Farm

We went on a field trip with Tai's pre-school class to the Heritage Farm over in Redmond. The kids were so excited to go see where some of their food comes from. The kids learned where milk comes from:Here the kids got to see how the eggs are cleaned and put into cartons.
The baby chickens-over 700 of them running around in there! The smell was great.
Going on a hay ride out into the field to see the hen houses and the calves.

Some of the girls playing: Rilee, Katelynn, Tai, Dalee, Amera
Of course- Teya found rocks!
Seeing where the cheese is made:
The kids thought it was pretty cool to see where they bring the cows into milk them.
They even brought a cow into show how they do it.

We all had a good time- There were almost as many moms as there were children, so we got to experience the smells, sights, and fun that our kids did!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hooked on Dumbo

My girls would love to lay here in our bed all day and watch "Mumo" as Teya calls it. I seriously have to limit them!

Our little BYU girl

Teya now fits into Tai's old BYU Cheerleader outfit! We are teaching our children the correct way to cheer for college football!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crazy 8's

I saw this on one of my friend's blogs and laughed so hard, I thought that i would try it- I won't tag anyone cause that game is seriously getting out of hand, but if you feel like you want to do it-give it a try!

8 Things I am passionate about...

*My family
*Survivor on CBS
*Discovery Channel
*America's Next Top Model
*letting my children be who they want to be
*BYU Football

8 Words or phrases that I say most often... (remember I have 2 children)

"I missed you while you were away"
"Please eat"
"Let's change your bum"
"I love you so much"
"okey-dokey-pokey-smokey-lokey-dokey-do-do" (it is sung -sort of)

8 things that I want to do or see before I die...

*I want to understand my laptop & camera
*go to Cancun
*see Tai swim with Shamu
*go to all Hawaiian Islands
*see my girls get along for one whole day
*i want to see Jake's knee quit hurting for more than one day
*visit the Fiji Islands
*want to see my kids grow up

8 Things that I have learned...

*with kids, your day never goes as planned-most of the time it is better
*Walmart keeps getting lamer, and lamer
*No matter how hard I try- laundry will never be done
*The bigger the man, the bigger the baby
*that i can remember things like best friends old phone numbers, and quotes from Jake that he knew when he was growing up, but I couldn't remember who fought what war and why, dates, and anything I learned in high school
*No matter how hard i try to get the kids not to splash in the bath tub, they still do!
*Jake loves me no matter what!!!
*I can stay up all night with a sick child and still make it through the next day (sort of)

8 Things that I currently need or want...

*A good nights sleep
*a never ending gas card
*more camera & photography equiptment
*one million dollars to blow on whatever i wanted
*a good resturaunt in Sevier County
*some jeans that fit on two levels, (1) don't squish my belly to the point of hyperventilation, and (2) I don't have to keep pulling them up.
*a maid
*a really good pedicure

8 Things that I have been for Halloween...

*matching clowns with my friend Hillary
*Grim Reaper also with Hillary
*a really poorly put together mummy, also with Hillary-we became unraveled halfway through the night-if my memory serves me correctly, we even used tape to try to get it to stay on!
*Last year I was a ghost with Tai-Teya was a skunk
*Baby Spice
*the common childhood Witch
*A pregnant Indian Maiden (2 years ago)

8 people I tag.....

you and you, not you, but you, you, you, not you, you, you , and you
see where you fall on that list!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My sister and brother in-law had their baby girl yesterday! Born around 2:45pm- 7 lbs. 12 oz and 20 1/2 inches long! Everything went very well! Congratulations to Maili on being a big sister!!! I will post a picture as soon as I get one--along with the name, when they decide!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Playing Cowboys & Calves

You know, some people play cowboys & Indians- Not our Family! We play Cowboys & Calves! It was so funny- the last couple of nights Jake has been roping the girls for fun! Well somehow we ended up outside after dark and Jake started telling Tai to run and he would rope her- it turned into the funnest game. He caught her most of the time, but sometimes she got away. She would laugh and then say ready, go! Jake even talked me into being the calf. Although, I could never see where I was running to cause I covered my eyes and ears to keep from getting hurt. The girls love to play with daddy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On We Go To Vanquish The Foe...

Last Saturday our team BYU wiped the field with UCLA!!!! It was the BEST, FUNNEST, MOST EXCITING BYU game that I have ever been to. It was a complete and utter BLOW OUT!! People keep asking me if it was so boring cause of the score, and I was like "NO WAY!!!!" It was so fun because just when we thought that we wouldn't score or UCLA had the ball, uh, I don't think so! SLAM- score again! Towards the end, it got to where we were so nervous cause we wanted to keep them from scoring and have a shut out!!! So the whole game was just insane! We love getting away for a minute and going to see our Cougars play! Thanks to my mom and dad for always watching the girls so that we can enjoy ourselves! Here are Aaron & Suz- Two of our bestest friends in the whole world! We have our season tickets with them, so we get to hang out, eat, laugh, and chill (or cook ourselves) at the BYU games! We love you guys!!!
Check out that Score! Can you believe it?

Teya's little kittie

I thought that i had finally snuck a kitten into our family. One day Teya and I were outside and I kept hearing a kitten meow. So we tracked it down and it was behind some wood in our garden. I caught it and gave it some milk and tuna fish trying to get it to like us. (Jake would kill me if he knew that i had done that trying to lure a cat). Teya took to it right away. She wanted to hold it and be right by it, even when it was eating. We went out later and it was gone!!! :( We looked for it for a while, but it must have gone back to find it's mommy- So Teya had a kitten for about 1 hour!

Finding a Froggy

The other day I took the Tai and her friends up the lane to change some water and we found another frog up there. Aspen caught it and I found some bowls to put it in to transport it back down the lane. They were all pretty excited (Katie was a little freaked out). Who's girls is this? She couldn't possibly belong to me could she?
Yet again, acting and doing what I would have done, to a T!
Finally enough courage to touch "Polly-woggy-froggy"

In the end, Polly-woggy-froggy was touched, squished, and dropped one to many times, so she had to go find a place in the flowers to lie down and rest! (hint, hint)


So for those of you that know me well- you know that i am freaked out by A LOT of things, grasshoppers, snakes, spiders, mice, and you guessed it FROGS! They are everywhere right now. The other day Jake and Tai were out mowing the lawn and all the sudden he comes to the front window with his hands cupped and said, "Bring Teya and come outside." I got Teya fully knowing that something creepy was in his hands. I got to the door and said, "Jake now you know that I am holding Teya and if you scare me, I will probably drop her." He just looked at me like I was a Geek, which I fully take name of that too! But anyway he opened up his hands and that is what I saw: Tai didn't really know if she liked it or not, she just wanted to look at it.

Our favorite things

I am a little behind on my blogging. So here is a marathon catch up! The girls love to be outside, like most children. Tai had seen a segment on Sesame Street the Elephants at a zoo. Ever since, both girls have been obsessed with elephants. Tai's Grandma Great Whicker found an elephant many months ago, and Tai kept asking her everytime she saw her if she had bought another one, so one day, Grandma Great showed up with another one. Now Tai had a mommy and daddy. Well, what is missing from that? A Baby. I took her shopping at Target with Uncle Shad, and low and behold, there was a baby one there, so we had to complete the family. Next thing I know she was saying that she wanted an elephant for Christmas that it's trunk went down(refer to picture below) and she demonstrated with her finger. How she dreamed up that I will never know, probably the same place she dreamed up about being a Marine Biologist, (which Yes, it is still her job of choice). Anyway, I was shopping at Walmart and saw an elephant (the lighter one) that the trunk went down. So I spoiled her and got it! Now we go outside with a bucket of water, cheap pump hand soap, and a baby hair brush to wash the elephants, just like they were doing on Sesame Street. The only problem is they fight over the water and the elephants. Teya just mostly likes to be IN the water, and that causes problems for all the elephants trying to get cleaned. Gotta love sisters!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Karter Update

This picture is a little blurry-but here is our little buddy up at Primary Children's Medical Center. They have now figured out what Karter has. First off they found out that he has a rare type of Pnemonia called pneumocystis jirovecii. Try and say that! Then they did more blood work and found out that he has Severe Combined Immune Difficiency (SCID). So that is the reason he has been getting so sick ever since he was born, he has no immune system working right now. They will still do more blood work on him, Kipp & Mal to see if it was genetically passed or if Karter started it on his own. Most likely he will have a bone marrow transplant. Not so fun- but whatever it takes to get this little guy better. Right now they are giving him antibodies to help fight everything, but they can't do a whole lot until the pnemonia is taken care of. They all have a long road ahead- We love them all so much!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tag along

A- Attached or Single? attatched to a wonderful husband and two cute girls
B- Best friend? JKQ
C-Cake or Pie? Red Velvet Cake
D-Day of Choice? any day that we get to go with Jake
E-Essential item? toe nail polish
F-Favorite color? pink
G-gummy bears or gummy worms? neither, nasty
H-hometown? LC Utah
I-Indulgences? an occasional piece of chocolate
J- January or July? July- sitting in the sun
K-Kids? 2 Fabulous little girls
L-Life is incomplete without? Jake, Tai & Teya
M-Marriage date? December 2000
N-Number of siblings? 2 older brothers, one younger sister, 4 brother-in-laws and 1 sis-in-law
O-Oranges or apples? apples, but orage juice
P-Phobias or fears? GRASSHOPPERS
Q-Quotes? "i'm only one woman"
R- Reason to smile? my kids going to bed by 8:00 pm
S- Season? Fall
T-tag 8 people- suz, lacey, hillary, shay, becky, Jackie, misty, nicole
U-Unknown Fact? i love salt and vinegar chips
V-Very Favorite store? Target
W- Worst habit? picking at my arms
X- X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound, you know something good is coming from it
Y- Your favorite food? mexican (the american version), cafe Rio or El mex
Z- Zodiac? Taurus

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Please pray for baby Karter

Our little nephew & the girls' cousin karter has been in the hospital in St. George this past week and is now being taken to Primary Childrens. Please pray for his health and for his dad and mom, Kipp & Mal! We love you Karter-Get better soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rise & Shout The Cougars are Out!!!!

We had ou first BYU game on Saturday- we have season tickets with out good friends Aaron & Suz Shaw! It was so flipping hot and the longest game ever (UNI took every time out they could and they had 4 or 5 medical time outs). But it was still fun! BYU had some kinks to work out, but we came out with a HUGE win 41 to 17! Our tickets are lower this year, row 2 of the upper level in the South Endzone! Pretty cool! Suz bought the boys little radios so they could listen to the game. It just isn't as fun when they aren't making comments and making us laugh-they were to interested in the game! See the sun beating down- 90+ degrees!!!

Out of our food comfort zone

If any of you know the Snell family- we like to stick to things we know as far as food goes! Those who marry into the Snell family get their taste of that right away. It is usually the same stuff that we eat, but Shad went and got all Chef on us! Which is a really good thing! My mom wanted to have a family BBQ the last night that Shad was here and we were just going to BBQ the same old Hamburger & Steak dinner. Shad put a hault to that right away, he and Dad went to Smith's and came back with a gourmet meal ready to prepare. We had chicken shishkabob's, salmon grilled on a cedar plank, BBQ chicken, BBQ steak, BBQ corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, and fresh salsa. Let me just tell you, we really need to get out of our food comfort zone, cause that was some good eatin'. I had to take a picture of the food, it was just beautiful to look at and that made it taste even better. Thanks Shad for introducing me to new things! I have lived a sheltered food life!

All together again

My brother Shad came in town from Cali this past week, so the girls and I went to stay at my parent's so we could see him for a couple days. Here is a picture of us Snell kids (L to R) Dustin, me, Lacey, and Shad.
Shad had fun playing with all the girls. They grow up so fast so I was glad he got to spend a couple days with them. Here he is pushing Teya around on the bike. Now Shad had to show us all how it was done.
We played outside in the pool for a couple hours. Tai wanted Shad to play catch with her most of the time. Shad and I both got burned, but the girls had on sunscreen. :) Next time maybe Tai can catch Shad's Fast Ball (slow ball), this round, it won and hit Tai in the face- Shad and I laughed so hard (in secrecy) while Tai cried.
After we played in the pool, we dumped out the water from the pool and the girls had round 2 of playing in the water! Hey- everyone is down stream right?