Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So for those of you that know me well- you know that i am freaked out by A LOT of things, grasshoppers, snakes, spiders, mice, and you guessed it FROGS! They are everywhere right now. The other day Jake and Tai were out mowing the lawn and all the sudden he comes to the front window with his hands cupped and said, "Bring Teya and come outside." I got Teya fully knowing that something creepy was in his hands. I got to the door and said, "Jake now you know that I am holding Teya and if you scare me, I will probably drop her." He just looked at me like I was a Geek, which I fully take name of that too! But anyway he opened up his hands and that is what I saw: Tai didn't really know if she liked it or not, she just wanted to look at it.


Amber said...

Sounds like you and I are related. I can't stand stuff like that either. Have you read my frog story on my blog? I'm right with you!

Misty said...

I love frogs....well, at least as a kid I did. We used to catch them and keep them as pets. Nate was infamous for it. One time, my aunt started running a bath and went to her room to get a few things. Nate went into the bathroom and saw that someone had thought of putting his little froggy in the tub too! He took the opportunity and left the bathroom to go get something. When my aunt came back to the bathroom, all you could hear was blood-curdling screams. She apparently DOESN'T enjoy bathing with frogs!