Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Field Trip to the Farm

We went on a field trip with Tai's pre-school class to the Heritage Farm over in Redmond. The kids were so excited to go see where some of their food comes from. The kids learned where milk comes from:Here the kids got to see how the eggs are cleaned and put into cartons.
The baby chickens-over 700 of them running around in there! The smell was great.
Going on a hay ride out into the field to see the hen houses and the calves.

Some of the girls playing: Rilee, Katelynn, Tai, Dalee, Amera
Of course- Teya found rocks!
Seeing where the cheese is made:
The kids thought it was pretty cool to see where they bring the cows into milk them.
They even brought a cow into show how they do it.

We all had a good time- There were almost as many moms as there were children, so we got to experience the smells, sights, and fun that our kids did!

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