Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finding a Froggy

The other day I took the Tai and her friends up the lane to change some water and we found another frog up there. Aspen caught it and I found some bowls to put it in to transport it back down the lane. They were all pretty excited (Katie was a little freaked out). Who's girls is this? She couldn't possibly belong to me could she?
Yet again, acting and doing what I would have done, to a T!
Finally enough courage to touch "Polly-woggy-froggy"

In the end, Polly-woggy-froggy was touched, squished, and dropped one to many times, so she had to go find a place in the flowers to lie down and rest! (hint, hint)

1 comment:

K'Brina said...

I would have totally done what Tai did. I HATE creepy, jumpy things too.