Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crazy 8's

I saw this on one of my friend's blogs and laughed so hard, I thought that i would try it- I won't tag anyone cause that game is seriously getting out of hand, but if you feel like you want to do it-give it a try!

8 Things I am passionate about...

*My family
*Survivor on CBS
*Discovery Channel
*America's Next Top Model
*letting my children be who they want to be
*BYU Football

8 Words or phrases that I say most often... (remember I have 2 children)

"I missed you while you were away"
"Please eat"
"Let's change your bum"
"I love you so much"
"okey-dokey-pokey-smokey-lokey-dokey-do-do" (it is sung -sort of)

8 things that I want to do or see before I die...

*I want to understand my laptop & camera
*go to Cancun
*see Tai swim with Shamu
*go to all Hawaiian Islands
*see my girls get along for one whole day
*i want to see Jake's knee quit hurting for more than one day
*visit the Fiji Islands
*want to see my kids grow up

8 Things that I have learned...

*with kids, your day never goes as planned-most of the time it is better
*Walmart keeps getting lamer, and lamer
*No matter how hard I try- laundry will never be done
*The bigger the man, the bigger the baby
*that i can remember things like best friends old phone numbers, and quotes from Jake that he knew when he was growing up, but I couldn't remember who fought what war and why, dates, and anything I learned in high school
*No matter how hard i try to get the kids not to splash in the bath tub, they still do!
*Jake loves me no matter what!!!
*I can stay up all night with a sick child and still make it through the next day (sort of)

8 Things that I currently need or want...

*A good nights sleep
*a never ending gas card
*more camera & photography equiptment
*one million dollars to blow on whatever i wanted
*a good resturaunt in Sevier County
*some jeans that fit on two levels, (1) don't squish my belly to the point of hyperventilation, and (2) I don't have to keep pulling them up.
*a maid
*a really good pedicure

8 Things that I have been for Halloween...

*matching clowns with my friend Hillary
*Grim Reaper also with Hillary
*a really poorly put together mummy, also with Hillary-we became unraveled halfway through the night-if my memory serves me correctly, we even used tape to try to get it to stay on!
*Last year I was a ghost with Tai-Teya was a skunk
*Baby Spice
*the common childhood Witch
*A pregnant Indian Maiden (2 years ago)

8 people I tag.....

you and you, not you, but you, you, you, not you, you, you , and you
see where you fall on that list!


Clark Fam said...

yeah, I laughed when you reminded me of the haloween days....

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