Sunday, August 30, 2009

That darn cat...

I have been ready to return this cat so many times, but the look on these girls faces, shows they would be devistated! Even though the cat hisses and runs from Teya and loves Tai and snuggles up to her everytime she holds her, it is our little "Rascal" now and is part of our family!!!

Tai's Quotes of the days

Tai has been saying some pretty funny stuff lately. I have been writing them down so that I could post them and I have finally compiled some good ones:

"the moon is shining really hard"
meaning that the moon was really bright that night!
"Did Tanner make a point?"
Jake and I went to Tanner's football game and she stayed behind with a baby sitter, so when we picked her up that is what she asked us.
"It is so squishy in here."
I bought her the flippin cutest shirt and it was just a little bit to small when she put it on, so this was her way of telling me it was to tight!
"I scared Rascal, the heck out!"
Meaning "I scared the heck out of Rascal"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What on earth could cause these kind of markings?Well, look close, you can see the culprit:

This darn kitten, Loves Tai. She wraps it up in a dish towel, lays it on it's back, sings lulaby's and rocks it to sleep. (I know the photo is inside, but no we are NOT having an indoor cat, we had to let it sleep in the basement bathroom because it could get out of the box and we were afraid if we left it outside it would leave and we would have one or two VERY upset girlies)

Teya just can't quite understand, "Don't touch the kitty"

And Tai is the proudest mommy around! This is the first pet we have EVER had. The girls absolutely love it, I am not so sure that I do! I am just not a very big pet person, but get ready, cause "RASCAL QUARNBERG" is here to stay- unless he/she runs away. ( I am not sure how to tell what "it" is- and please don't leave me a comment on how to do so, because frankly I am not sure I want to know:) )

Clean up-clean up Teya has to do her share...

If you weren't already aware, Teya makes some of the biggest messes around. Well, I finally got sick of cleaning them up, so she has started cleaning up her own messes. This was her first day on the job! Vaccumm-ing up sunflower seeds that she was supposed to be eating, but she spread all over the floor and couch! She thought she was pretty big!

4 girls is a little tub (should be sung)

The other day Coach Kellie and I were choreographing the routine for our Dynamite Xplode squad when we found the girls like this! The girls have so much fun when they are together!

I am not really sure what brings me more joy on a rough day, getting the kids to bed, or seeing the girls like this. Actually getting along!


I found Teya like this one day!!!! How funny is that! I must toot my own horn here for a second, getting a child gate for the front porch is probably one of the best ideas I have ever had. My girls love to play outside, but I can't always watch them 100% of the time, so case solved! On this particular day, Teya had just wanted to lay out there ALL morning. And I mean all morning! I would try to go out there and she would say, "Momma no, inside!!!" So I would close the screen door and go about my business. So early afternoon, this is what I found! I thought she looked so cute!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Coming...

I can't believe that it is football time already! Tanner has started High School football and they start games next week. BYU starts in a couple weeks and I am still wondering where the summer went!
All things aside, BYU football is on it's way and we are SO THERE!!!! We got season tickets again with our friends Aaron & Suz, and we can't wait to see them there! We live on opposite ends of the state and it is always fun to meet in the middle for a tailgate sandwich, Dr. Pepper and a friendly game of BYU Football! :) The count down is on...


We had the opportunity to have a fun filled couple of days in Las Vegas (no kids allowed) with some of our best friends! "What just happened" pretty much sums up the Whole of our trip! We laughed so hard that my tummy hurt for days, because when I got back, I was still laughing at what happened in Vegas!

Jake & I, Braydan & Misty, Dustin & Chelsey- we went to see Ka' by Cirque Du Soleil. It was pretty extravagant, no wonder the tickets cost $175.00! But it was cool! Getting ready for a big night on the town- I snapped this picture of the guys, they looked so cute!

These three got so many stares, you can only imagine walking in a casino and seeing three cowboys. For most people, they only exist in stories, or in Texas, which most people thought they were from!

Cowboys and swimming- a good combo?

I had to do a little cropping to be able to post this photo. Let's just say that we DO NOT look like the girl in the background- but this was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Just laying in a bathing suit in the shallow water, sipping a drink, soaking up the sun! No kids to watch, just adult conversation! Nice!
Jake and I enjoying our Vegas Night Life at Club Mix- atop theHotel at Mandalay Bay! (Nice camera phone photo)


Along with ALL other kids on this earth, Tai LOVES fireworks! I had bought some shortly after the 4th of July and we just never did them. So finally we went out to the Quarnberg home, had dinner, and lit fireworks! Teya loved them last year, but this year they freaked her out a little! Jake is always appointed firework lighter guy!

Kipp, Mal & Karter- My girls love these 3 so much! Tai is always saying, "MMMMAAAALLLL, come do this, or MMMAAALLLL, come play with me" Thanks Kipp & Mal for always letting us come hang out when you are up so that the girls can play with Karter!
Me and my girlie worlies!!! Teya looked like that most of the time. She wanted my arm around her, until she just got fed up and went inside to watch from the screen door!

Grandma & Grandpa with Baby Karter (who isn't so much a baby anymore, he is walking everywhere!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mutton Bustin

This is so funny! My little girl wants to be a cowgirl! We had heard this was going on at the fair and Tai said she wanted to ride a mommy sheep! So I talked to Jake, he got off work a little early, and we took her to the fair to "Mutton Bust" She was so excited that she rode one!!!! Thanks to Daddy's help!
I am sorry for the picture overload people, but we had such a fun night and you had to see all the pictures in order! Tai thought she was so big! Before we left to go over to the Little Buckaroo Rodeo, I asked Tai what she was going to do if she fell off, and if she was going to cry. She suprised me when she said, "No I am not going to cry, the big boys don't cry when they fall off." I just had to laugh!
Here is Tai and two of her bestest friends, Rilee Mason & Katie Johnson:Daddy and Tai talking about how to ride the sheep:Tai looking over the shute to see what is going on:Getting ready in the shute while Katie watches and waits for her turn:"Next up, number 41, Cowgirl Tai Quarnberg"

We were so proud of her for trying it! We love you Tai!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While Jake's away, his girls will play!!!

Jake went to Reno for two weeks with Burns Saddlery, so I took the girls up to my mom and dad's for a week of fun! My Brother in Law called it "FUNFEST 09", because everyday, Lacey and her girls were coming to play with us!

Our week started off with going to one of my mom's neighbors that has all sorts of animals in their backyard and house. The girls loved petting the turtles, emu, goat, snakes, iguana, and chickens. I felt so bad for Maili, she got head butted by the goat right into her chest!

Let me just say that this was NOT the highlight of the visit for me. This thing was a mother's day gift from her sons! I didn't even get close!!! They freak me out and I can't even look at the whole picture while I am writing about it cause it makes me wierded out! My mom loves them though! She let it slither through her legs and wrap around her! NASTY!!!

Teya really enjoyed getting to pick eggs out of the chicken coupe. She kept dropping them though and then crying. Good thing we had a supply of them.

Hogle Zoo

FUNEST 09 Continues...
We were all a little excited to go to the zoo. I ended up renting a two passenger stroller (which the kids fought over), Teya was a MONKEY and wanted to run all over the place and have no one bug her, and Tai got a boo-boo! But through all that, we really did have a fun trip up there! This is one of my favorite pictures of the day:We did the train ride, which I remember being longer when I was a kid (what the flip, that was lame and short)Of course Teya was trying to get over the rope to get into whatever!

Baby Alexa was just happy to be there!

The girls: Grandma Great Pulham, Aunt Cee-Cee, Alexa, Tai, Teya, Tiff, Grandma Snell, and Maili (brock was a little outnumbered)
I thought it was pretty cute that Maili and Tai were mapping out what we needed to see.

I am pretty sure that we should have been admitted to the zoo and stuck in the monkey exhibit!
Me and my cute little sister-lacey AKA Aunt cee-cee Of course there was drama on the brass lion! But we made it through that too!

I think this was the first time that I went to the zoo when the bears were walking around and not sleeping.

We watched Teya's favorite animal-the Elephants!