Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While Jake's away, his girls will play!!!

Jake went to Reno for two weeks with Burns Saddlery, so I took the girls up to my mom and dad's for a week of fun! My Brother in Law called it "FUNFEST 09", because everyday, Lacey and her girls were coming to play with us!

Our week started off with going to one of my mom's neighbors that has all sorts of animals in their backyard and house. The girls loved petting the turtles, emu, goat, snakes, iguana, and chickens. I felt so bad for Maili, she got head butted by the goat right into her chest!

Let me just say that this was NOT the highlight of the visit for me. This thing was a mother's day gift from her sons! I didn't even get close!!! They freak me out and I can't even look at the whole picture while I am writing about it cause it makes me wierded out! My mom loves them though! She let it slither through her legs and wrap around her! NASTY!!!

Teya really enjoyed getting to pick eggs out of the chicken coupe. She kept dropping them though and then crying. Good thing we had a supply of them.


DeAnn said...

Hey, I'll bet that was right up the girls alley. They must of had a blast. "Aunt DeAnn"

mason said...

It is good to see an update!! :) I am excited for our big girls weekend. We need to get it planned. I can't wait!!

Jess said...

it is great to see your mom in these posts! I haven't seen her forever. I ran into your dad about a year and a half ago, but i haven't seen your mom. She looks the same as she always has