Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Toys

As if we didn't have enough toys around our house- the other day when we went to Lehi to see my family, we stopped at Walgreens to check out their selection of Cougar Gear. We didn't find anything worthy of buying along the lines of cougar support, but Jake decided to let the girls each pick out something to buy. Tai has never wanted anything really girly, so you can imagine my suprise when she picked out this "bling-bling". She ususally wants dinosaurs or some other animal to play with. (P.S. i think since we got home, she has only worn this stuff once, it is back to elephants and dinosaurs). Teya picked out about what i would have guessed, a stuffed elephant, which she calls " baby mumo". It is really cute how much she loves it, to this day, she sleeps with it.

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