Friday, May 1, 2009

Tai's Last Soccer Game

Tai had her last soccer game this week. It is kind of sad, the kids were just getting to where they knew what they were supposed to do. Tai has been pretty funny about it. She would go out and play for a while and then come over for a waterbreak/timeout or to say that "my legs are really tired!" But she was a good soccer player, she was always chasing the ball and right in the middle of things. She usually ended up on the ground, and even got kicked in the head/neck a couple times, but she stuck with it and had a really good year. She can kick the ball and chase after it- that is pretty big! :)

During our last game, Tai wanted to try being goalie. Coach Daddy helping her get the HUGE goalie shirt on:Coach Daddy giving her some pointers:I guess where there isn't action on your side, you still get to have a rest/time out: At any given moment, you would find these two chillin on the side lines. Katie and Tai would always run over to us as parents for a good job hug, or just to say they were tired and needed a rest:

Coach Jon Mason & Coach Jake Quarnberg; they really had a good time and the kids loved them:
(but I think they are secretly glad it is over)

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