Thursday, June 19, 2008

Softball night

Here are the kids that were there last night (minus Teya- I finally strapped her in her car seat to watch a movie- Yes the windows were down and I kept checking on her). Me and one of my favorite girls!
You like the knee brace? That right there is how we got the knee brace! Batting!!!! Jake did really good last night. He sure can hit the ball!
Jake used to play outfield, but after his knee injuy last year, they stuck him at first base! He said it is so much easier. He doesn't have to run around as much, and he can still ROCK the softball field! He has loved to play baseball/softball forever! One of the best parts is that he gets to play with lots of his friends. It doesn't work out to bad for us girls either-we get to visit and let the kids play!


Dustin and Matasha said...

Hi Tiff! I came across your blog, and I thought I would tell you how adorable your kids are!!! I haven't seen them in so long. Hope everything is going great...

Jami & Dreyton said...

jake looks so pro!!!