Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My little fishies!

Tai has always been fearless in the water, I never expected Teya to be the same way! It is really kind of hard to take them to the pool because they both want to be in different places. Tai will wear her lifejacket so good, but that means she goes all over. She jumps off the diving board by herself, dives off the side of the pool, and swims everywhere. Little Miss Teya now thinks that I don't need to be holding her in the water, she is constantly trying to get out of my hands. In the baby pool she doesn't want to stand up and walk in the water anymore, she wants to be down in it with her face in barely being able to breathe. It scares me to death and I have to watch so close because I can't tell if she is sucking in water or just getting excited. They love it so much, how can we stay away? here is Tai jumping off the diving board- she thinks that she is so big!
Teya taking a break from scaring me to watch Tai jump off the diving board.
Grandma Paula gave Tai a pair of goggles to borrow. Now everytime we go she has to have them on. She looks so cute and silly all at the same time.


The Bacik's said...

They are so Cute Tiff! I am so glad they are my nieces. Can't wait to see you. It will be fun to watch Tai on friday!!

Jami & Dreyton said...

LOVE the goggles!

Jackie Burr said...

Hey Tiff! I found your blog page--somehow--this afternoon. Oh, I miss you! Your girls are growing so much. I love the pool pictures. I'll bet Grandma Paula loves having them come to the pool. See you!