Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tai's recital

This year we got to count the "dress rehersal" as our dance recital because Tai and I were gone to California when the real thing went down. It was actually kind of nice, we got to watch our child and go home. She did such a good job, and is getting to be such a great dancer. Thanks Miss Ginger!
All the girls got to choose their color of costume, of course Tai chose pink: tai's left aerobesque:

Look at that form, about to do a plea'

They did their ballet routine to "when you wish upon a star" and they used their star wands.

practicing their finalle with the older girls. Thanks Hadley for helping:

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Travis and Cristan said...

Thoe are some pretty cute costumes and even cutter dancers! How cute is Ginger?! It sounds like the ideal way to watch the recital too!