Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A slippery day at the park

Our friends, The Masons bought a fun new toy to play with. They were nice and invited everyone over to come play! The kids had a lot of fun! Teya, Rilee Mason, Hallee Mason, Drew Sedgwick, Aspen Albrecht, Katelyn Johnson, Dallee Albrecht, and Tai!
Teya getting in some slide time!
Tai getting brave and going down the slide into the water.
Teya can be found many times a day with something in her mouth that shouldn't be there! Today was no exception!
You have to click on this photo for a better view of Tai's face. She tripped on the way down the slide and ended up face first-right into the water below! Needless to say, that ended her water play! The weather was sunny, but a little breezy so she got really cold fast.

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The Fusselman's said...

your family is so cute! i miss you guys.
-michelle fuss-