Monday, September 6, 2010

1st day of Kindergarten

Well my baby officially is in school. Her teacher is Mr. Paul, yes a male, and he is so cute with the kids. He is pretty young too, and Tai loves him. Here is Tai on her testing day. I was glad that I got a picture of her because the morning of school they didn't let us parents in.
My big Kindergartner:I am not really sure, but she thought that she needed to do thumbs up.Here she is waiting in line to go into her class. That is what they do every morning before they let anyone in, they all have to line up and wait for Mr. Paul to let them in their classroom. This is where they said, "say good bye to mom!" sniff, sniff!! One day down: after I picked her up I wanted another picture, and out came the thumbs!!!

A couple highlights from day one:
1- When asked what her favorite thing that they did was, she said, "taking a tour of the school"
2- Said, "we did crafts." I don't know if it is a girl thing or not, but I remember it
as art. Paula and I have laughed at that!
3- She fell off the playground, right onto her back.

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Quarnbergs said...

her thumbs up remind me of daniels pic.. :)