Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daddy's Day off

First off, we are not used to Jake having a day off. When we were in Salina, when Jake had a day off from Burns, he went to work on the ranch. And prior to Burns, well he was a rancher, self explanatory. So it has been kind of fun to get to hang out with him during the week. We had to be in Provo so we decided to finally take the girls to BYU campus. We have been promising to take Tai to the Museum of Paleontology forever, so we made good on our promise.

The girls loved all the dinosaur bones.

Daddy with the girls by a palm frond.


Jake thought the prehistoric horns were pretty cool, they were huge!

The girls getting their heads bit off :)

Tai under the brachiasaurus bones

The girlies!

It is always a little frustrating though, Jake and I like to read what is going on with the bones, where they found them, when, by who, you know that sort of stuff. But the girls just like to look and then go.

I think this was a bone from their leg.

My little paleontologist!

None of us had been to the Bean Museum at BYU so we VZ Navigated it and we took the girls there too!

Jake thought it was pretty fun to show the girls his hippo boots were made out of a hippo, just like this one.This HUGE Kodiak bear was unreal. I mean look at the guy walking past. Glad to know I won't ever come into contact with one of these monsters!Teya's favorite animal-an elephant!The girls couldn't believe all the animals in there. The butterfly exhibit was cool. That butterfly in the background is made up of all sizes and colors of real butterflies.
I have lived in Utah for 20 years now and have driven up Provo Canyon to many times to count, and I have never stopped at Bridal Veil Falls. So on our way home, we decided to stop and get a closer look.
The water was FREEZING! But we waded in. I don't know how the girls walked all over the place on the rocks, they killed my feet, so I mostly hung out on a large rock.

Mommy and Teya

Freezing water

Quarnberg girls!

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