Monday, September 6, 2010

It is Cougar Football Season

I couldn't believe how excited I was for the football season to start. First is has been far to long (over a month) since we have seen our friends Aaron and Suz! We just have the best time together. And it changes every game, but one of us doesn't sit by our husband, due to the fact that we need to be by eachother to talk and laugh! So the boys sit by eachother and Suz and I sit by eachother. You get it right? Here's my girl Suz and I: and we were discussing how many pictures we have like this, too many to count. But I must say, we are getting good at taking pics of ourselves! Here we are seatholders 27, 28, 29 & 30 of WW 145 and row2! Represent!!!
The night would not be complete without some sort of food in the parking lot. We started doing this after the games, because we have to go Northbound and it is ridiculous sitting in traffic. So we decided we would rather eat and wait for the people to get on their way, rather than make up new swear words for idiot drivers who think they can make it 2 cars ahead of you, to save themselves 3 seconds in life.

Yum, a big conglomeration of food!

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