Thursday, September 3, 2009

Camping again

We decided to head back up to the trailer one more time before Jake headed out of town for two weeks to work in Vegas.
Here is our humble little camp spot. We haven't quite got all the fixin's of die hard campers, but it works and it is so fun! This picture that Tai took reminds me of a little old couple sitting on their porch. The grandpa is asleep (Jake just had his eyes closed) and the grandma just watching what is going on:
Tai loves to be in pictures!

The girls and daddy throwing rocks in the creek. Daddy accidentally threw Tai's "favorite" rock in the water, so he had to go help find it.

Goofing off:
Every rock that Tai found was "so pretty" and she was going to take it home to show her friends. She ended up bringing home like 10 rocks!

Teya just loves to explore and throw rocks. Tai would bring one to me to save and Teya would grab it and before you knew it, she was throwing it in the water!!!

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