Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Luck Tanner

This started many years back when Kipp wrestled- I make Good Luck Candy Bar posters. I know a little off when they are wrestlers and have to suck weight, but it is like my trade mark! It has just continued on over the years. I think this is the first time I have ever taken pictures of me doing it though. So here is the (almost) finished product:

I really do enjoy doing things like this. I know this sounds lame, but I LOVE my own handwriting and so I love to write things!

Here is my little Tai helping. This is the second year that she has got to help me. She loves to color and decorate things too:

This is the finished product at the bottom. I bet you can guess where my handy helper put her own finishing touches! I used to be really uptight and not want her to mess it up (kind of like when we color easter eggs and I just want them to be pretty instead of brown from all sorts of mixing colors and such), but now, I let it flow! She loves to help and that is the best part of all, that we can do it together and it is from both of us!


Colette said...

I love your handwriting too! I've always thought it was so cute. The poster turned out good. I'm kind of like you and think, "oh, just let me do it" when it comes to decorating sugar cookies but I'm trying to get over that too and just let the kids have fun.

Mandy said...

Ha ha ha! That is awesome...I'm about to say the exact thing your other comment, Colette, said. I was gonna tell you that you aren't that weird cause I LOVE your handwriting. Mine pretty much looks like a 5 year old boy's. Maybe you can teach me someday!

Misty said...

You are so dang creative! Your poster turned out adorable & I love that I'm not the only Mom in the world who has "control" issues.