Thursday, February 19, 2009

Potty Training Journey

We are attempting "Potty Training" with Teya. She has sat on the potty several times, but nothing happened. But on this one occasion, she went poo-poo! She was so proud of herself. She got to have a potty treat. The funniest thing of all was she told Jake about a million times "da-da pee-pee" although she didn't go pee-pee! Here she is clapping for herself after we washed hands and ran out to tell daddy: Eating smarties: AKA potty treats:


K'Brina said...

Good Luck!!
I think that potty training is the Worst thing about being a mommy!!

Misty said...

Yay Teya!!!

Amber said...

I'm LOVING Teya's hair. Hope the potty training goes well. Can't say that I'm really looking forward to this, but it will be nice to be out of diapers!