Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Teya Words

I have been meaning to do this for a while, since Teya has started talking, but I wanted to show everyone her words and what they mean:

1- gankie (blankie)
2- mi-mi (binkie)
3- coo (cool)
4- o-you (hold you)
5- mick (milk)
6- abble (apple)
7- uh oh (uh oh)
8- teeze (cheese)
9- amul (animal)
10- kuh kuh (clink clink, like on the wheels on the bus)
11- oop I pilled (Oops, I spilled)
12- mumo (Dumbo-or any elephant she is playing with)

I wrote down a couple things that Tai has said lately that is really cute:

1- she used to call our neighbor Shauna- "Sha non a"
2- used to call a dolphin a "dolphint"
3- One day when she was over at Grandma Paula's, Uncle Tanner threw a ball at her and it hit her in the chest. This is what she told Tanner; "you hit me in the place where the blood goes down from my heart!" Where does she get so smart? Must be from me! :) :) :)
4- "Mom these are your choices..." Do you think she has ever heard that before?
5- "Mom, I can't get Teya's diaper on!!!" You can imagine my panic to see what was going on there!
6- When I ask Tai if she will stay this age forever she says, "I have to get bigger and bigger so that I can go to Kindergarten."

My girls are growing up so fast it makes me sad, I want to be able to remember what they said when they were little. It isn't really fair that time goes by so fast!

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Colette said...

I just love to hear the cute things that come out of kids mouths. They are so stinken funny and innocent.