Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WF'ers Hard at Work:

Here is my shout out to all you WF'ers out there! Oh, you know who you are! This is a long hard day on all the guys, but ultimately, this is what they are doing and trying to accomplish. I won't go into details, I know family people read my posts around the dinner table and would be bound to be sick, just kidding, but I will spare you the details: Jake on the branding iron:

My girls always love to be part of the action. If I would have let them over the fence, they would have probably helped out a great deal! But I know how cowboys feel about little kids running around when things are getting done:

I am not sure who is winning this match, Hoss or the calf, kinda hard to tell, you be the judge:
(I already know the outcome, so you can't ask me)

What? It takes 2 cowboys to put 1 calf in a chute? This is just proof to all those light bulb jokes!

Gitter Done!!!

It really is a long day!

Another one of those moments, looks like a lot of talking to me: (but there really was working going on)
Cy-you can try to hide behind Hoss, but I will get a picture of you!


Shell said...

This post brings back so many memories. I have spend many days doing those very things. I miss some things about the farm but the smell of burt hair is not one of them.

Jess said...

I STILL can't believe that you live on a FARM!!! It is SO crazy to me. I remember that you moved away from here to get away from the mosquitoes... well, how are the mosquitoes there, huh???!!!

Natalie Bagley said...

Wow - you sure have been busy posting. I LOVE all of your pictures. Your girls are growing up so fast and are so cute. I wish you lived closer so our girls could play together. I missed you at church Sunday, but I say Tai in Primary. Her Easter dress was cute. Take care!