Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Weekend, another "Up North" Trip

Jake went to Park City for a couple of days, so the girls and i rode with him and he dropped us off at my dad & mom's to hang out! We had fun playing with Maili and Lexi, and running all my returns back to stores from Christmas. Ok, that wasn't really fun, but at least it is off my mind now!

Me, Maili, Tai, Mom & Dad
Tai was our photographer so we got some pretty funny shots. She kept getting upset at Grandpa cause he would do things like this almost every picture. She would take the picture and then cuss grandpa out for "looking up", "finger in it", or "sticking your tongue out"!!!!

Here are my parents. Love you guys!!

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The Bacik's said...

I love the picture of mom and dad. What a rare thing. Please make sure you send it to us.