Saturday, January 3, 2009

Temple Square

When we went up to the Salty City to see Karter we went to see Temple Square. It was so neat! Karter was all bundled up in the stroller so that he would stay sort of warm and so he wouldn't get exposed to anything (we tried to stay away from people), Tai and Teya were in their snow suits, and the rest of us were in coats, hats, gloves, and scarves!

The Family: We wish that Daniel and the boys could have come too, but oh well:
Teya was happiest when she could walk and do her own thing:

Tai tasted about every inch of snow that there was:

Mal, Kipp, & Karter (with his mask):


The Shaws said...

Ooh, fun! You know what sounds even better? Barbados, Antigua, St. Thomas and St. Lucia from March 15-22. We're meeting in Vegas to get on the plane to Puerto Rico to catch the boat. CALL ME! You guys have to come!!

Jami and Drey said...

i saw you on tv! you are so hot! ;)

Tiffany said...

Holy Cow - you are from Iona!! Technically I am not from there, my parents live there now but I grew up in Cloverdale. Same stake though. When did you live there?

Autumn said...

I am glad that Karter is doing well, that makes for a great Christmas.