Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

Tai got to go on a "Daddy/Mommy/Daughter" Date!!!! She has been so excited for months for this! I must say, I was pretty excited too because I knew how much she was going to love it!! Here are a couple shots that I got. I think that they make it so dark in there so that people can't get a decent picture:

People have been asking me how big the dinosaurs were, and here you go, they were huge:

Jake, Tai & I waiting for the show to start:

Everyone sat and watched Tai, she was so full of questions and wonder. Some of the parts she couldn't bear to watch, but yet she couldn't not watch. She was so funny!!! She loves dinosaurs so much, I am so glad we got to take her!

Tai was super excited to get to go with two of her favorite people Porter & Drey! They are so cute with her.
I wanted to get a picture of Tai with her favorite Dinosaur in the background "Brachiasaurus".
Call me a bad mother, but I wanted to get Tai and Teya a little souvenier from the Dinosaur show. Well looking around at all they had to offer, everything was a fortune. A stuffed animal was $25.00 and a little dinosaur light spinner was $18.00. I was so bummbed that we left without anything. But man what a rip off! So call me what you will, but I couldn't pay that kind of money for a small toy!


Trinia said...

I am so glad you took her to see the dinosaurs. I'm sure she loved every second of it. Tell Tai to call me, I can't wait to hear all about them.

Sarbear said...

Where we walked in I didn't see any souvenirs, the boys even had christmas $ to spend. Probably a good thing we didn't see them or else it would have been hard to say no.

Mandy said...

She is a doll! Looks like you guys had a blast at the dino show!