Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Pictures

These are some of my favorite pictures from Uncle John's funeral. Can I just tell you that the smiles on people's faces just shows you what kind of a man he was and what kind of a funeral it was. It was definitely a celebration of his life!!!! I have never laughed so much at a funeral. Yes, it was sad at the same time, but he loved to laugh and that's what we all did!

Here is Tai with one of her favorite people on this earth; Poe-Poe: aka Porter. She just followed him around, and he was so good to let her play with him.
Tanner and i at the grave site: he is gaining on me. I used to be so much taller than him, now he and I are almost the same heigth.
A very rare photo right here, with all 6 original members of the Quarnberg family: (and all of them looking at the camera)

Just the boys: (not everyone looking)

Me and some of my favorite girls: Jami & Jodi- Love you guys!

Teya getting a drink at the luncheon. Yes, she always does her own thing and this is one of those things:

My cute family:

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