Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Up north!!!

This weekend was fast and crazy! I went up for a cheerleading competiton, shopping, and then Uncle John's funeral. One of the nights we were together at my mom and dad's and I was snapping a couple pictures. These are a couple of my favorites. Jake will hardly ever be in pictures, but here is a cute one of us:

Here are the Snell Grandgirls!!! Teya, Maili, Tai & Alexa! People always make fun of me because I take like 20+ shots of the same thing when it involves groups, but here proves my point; I took around 20 pictures of these girls sitting here together hoping to get just one that had everyone looking. After all those shots, still not one of them had everyone's eyes on me! Close though:

Here is my bro-in-law Brock's big debut on my blog. My sister and Brock are so much fun to hang out with! Love you guys!

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