Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Little Spoiled

I feel a little spoiled this year! Jake suprised me with these amazing new diamond earings! Let me tell you- it was a total suprise! He wrapped them all by himself in a cowboy boot box over at Burn's, in the same wrapping paper that he wrapped his dad's new boots in. I totally thought that I was getting some boots. (I was a really nervous, I have never even tried on boots to know whether I like them or not). But boy was I surprised when I opened the box and it was full of newspaper and a small jewlry box. I cried, I have always wanted diamond earings. All he said was "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!" My mom and dad got me a Speedlight for my camera. I am stoked!!! This will help me so much in my picture taking!!! Now this is what you will see when I take your picture:

Mom and Dad Q got me new cartidges for my cricut! I am so excited about these too! A font that I have been wanting and also a new on called Wild Card to help me make cards for all you fans out there! And it has been tradition for Paula to give me a new pair of fuzzy socks and I was so sad that they weren't under the tree. Later that day, Paula remembered she had them in the back and went to get them! Smiles everywhere!!!!
Thank to all my family for my gifts-but just being you is gift enough!!!!


Jared said...

Hey Tiff, you should break down and get you a pair of boots! I buy something from Burns Saddlery everytime I get to Salina... which isn't nearly enough! You are from Lehi ya know! My wife got one of those Cricut's for all of her scrapbooking endeavors, now my computer room has been transformed into a full on scrapbooking shop! I hope everything is going well for you guys! Take care.

Mandy said...

Ha ha ha! What an awesome surprise! Boys can sure be sneaky when they want to be....I see you got/have a Cricut too! I just got one and am still learning all the things you can do with it, but I LOVE it so far!